Program Overview

MBA of Entrepreneurship-China Focus program is launched by Newhuadu Business School of Minjiang University, a public higher educational institution funded by the Fujian Newhuadu Charity Foundation. This program is designed for foreign entrepreneurial-minded students who aspire to build their future in the rise of Chinese economy. Participants are high potential achievers with innovative and entrepreneurial spirits, and eager to acquire business skills in Chinese cultural context. Upon graduation, students could establish new start-ups, assume leadership roles in early stage firms and extend business within the greater China area

The program provides world-class business education with an emphasis on entrepreneurial practice in China. Taking the advantage of China-focused core curriculum with entrepreneurial innovation and business practice concentration, this program is capable of supporting students to overcome culture and language barriers, get faster access to Chinese markets, better understand the Chinese consumer behavior, and get familiar with Chinese business mode. Students also benefit from a deep collection of resources that support the unique needs of entrepreneurs. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be awarded MBA degree from Newhuadu Business School, Minjiang University.

Program Features

Focus on Entrepreneurship in China

Provide international management education with an emphasis on entrepreneurial practice and business development in China.

World-class Innovative and Entrepreneurship Faculty

World-class faculty team in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship to offer interactive and practical instructions. Rich academic resources are also provided.

Triple-Mentor System & Comprehensive Guidance

Academic tutors, enterprise mentors, and entrepreneurship mentors to provide students with comprehansive instructions in academic study as well as entrepreneurial practice

Curriculum with Entrepreneurship & Innovation Concentration and In-depth Learning in Practice

A learning pattern combining courses study with entrepreneurial practices to ensure students enhance their abilities as leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs and to fulfill their needs to establish star-ups as well as to extend business in China.

Field Immersion Experiences in China

Provide all students with opportunities visiting leading universities and enterprises in China to enhance students' understanding of China’s history, culture and exceptional economy.

Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship Platforms

Provide students with a deep collection of resources ranging from excellent entrepreneurs, distinguishing alumni, to venture capital and incubator center to support students' entrepreneurial activities and business in China.

Cooperative Venture Capital Funds

  • A CAPITAL Asian
  • Essence Securities
  • Northern Light Venture Capital
  • Beijing Legend Capital
  • Beijing Smart Grid Fund
  • German Private Equity Venture Capital Association
  • Xiamen Software Industry Investment and Development Co., Ltd.
  • Shenzhen Fortune Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
  • Shenzhen Cowin Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
  • Shenzhen Stock Exchange
  • Taiwan Venture Capital Association
  • Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Association

Course Modules

Business and
Core Courses
China Root
Entrepreneurial and
Innovative Features
Entrepreneurship and
Business Development
  • Data, Models, and Decision
  • Cases in Entrepreneurship
  • Foundation of Management Skills
  • Intermediate Business Chinese/ Advanced Business Chinese
  • China Economy, Management and Society
  • Managerial Economics
  • Statistics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Managing Across Oriental & Western Cultures
  • Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs: Migration and Entrepreneurship
  • Managing the MNCs in China
  • Chinese Ancient Managerial Wisdom
  • Culture, Economics and Business Environment in Fujian
  • Chinese Traditional Culture and Spiritual Improvement for Entrepreneurs
  • Practice of Foreign Entrepreneurship in China
  • Technology Innovation
  • Business Mode Innovation
  • Capital Market and Entrepreneurial Financing
  • Human Resources Management for Entrepreneurial Enterprises
  • Legal Practice for Entrepreneurial Enterprises
  • Major Account Sales for Entrepreneurial Enterprises
  • China Explore Trip
  • Practice of Entrepreneurship in China
  • Overseas Study Trip

Admissions Policy


Length of
the Program


Tuition Fee


Date of


Contact Us

Chinese for core courses and English for certain elective courses

The program takes 2 academic years and can be extended after the application being approved, but should not exceed 5 years. The first year will be time-phased classroom teaching, and the second year will be practices in enterprises and dissertation writing. The foreign students can finish practices in enterprises and dissertation writing in their own countries at their will.

A. Applicants must hold non-Chinese citizenship.

B. Applicants must hold bachelor degree or associate degree, and have relevant work experience.

C. Good foundation of Chinese language.

The tuition in total is RMB 110,000(around 17,800 USD).

A. Online Application Form:

B. Resume/CV(within 2 pages)

C. Official or notarized true copy of university degree and official transcript

D. Essay (including 4 topics, 500 words maximum for each topic, must be written in Chinese)

     a. Briefly describe why you choose MBA of Entrepreneurship-China Focus Program, your short-term and long-term entrepreneurship or career goals, and how will the Program help you achieve these goals.

     b. What is the most significant weakness you have perceived in yourself? What steps have you taken to address it and how will business school contribute to this process?

     c. What are the most impressive entrepreneurship (working) stories of your immediate relatives? What do you consider to be the most important qualities for entrepreneurs? (Name three qualities)

     d. What personal qualities or life experiences distinguish you from other applicants and will urge us to consider your admission?

E. Two recommendation letters(sealed, with referees’ signature and contact information)

F. Photocopy of valid passport

G. Two of your recent photos ( 2 inches, with no hat worn, in hard copy)

H. Non-refundable application fee of RMB 650 (payable online or by cash)

Application is acceptable all around the year. The concentrated application date is from December 1, 2014 to April 30, 2015.

Phase 1—Written Test

(1) submit GMAT grades; or (2) take the Independent Examination offered by the Newhuadu Business School of Minjiang University, the exam contents referring to GMAT exams. The specific time of the exam will be separately notified.

Phase 2--Interview

Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview (face-to-face or online) based on the application materials and the written test scores in phase1. You will receive an email when selected for an interview.

Specific Requirements, Interview and Admissions:

Attention to:

Sun Qian (Manager, Overseas Admission)

Mailing Address (Application Package)

Room 212B, MBA of Entrepreneurship-China Focus Program

Newhuadu Business School of Minjiang University

No. 1 Wenxian Road, University Town, Fuzhou, Fujian 350108 P.R.China

Tel: 86-0591-83761820

Fax: 86-0591-83761591



Skype: MBA-China

Wechat: orientalyouth / shfqljl / xiaoyingsusan

(9-11am&2-4pm, China Standard Time, except for weekends and public holidays)

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