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Exclusive Seminar: China’s Recent Policy Trend on its Overseas Direct Investment

On 3rd December, Mr. CHEN Jian, member of National Committee of CPPCC and former Vice-minister of MOFCOM, visited NBS’ Beijing office and gave a speech about China’s Recent Policy Trend on ODI (overseas direct investment). He shared his observations and thoughts on China’s current overseas investment. NBS’ Fuzhou campus, Shanghai Campus and Zurich Campus participated via internet. The seminar was moderated by Mr. QIU Xiaohua, professor of NBS and chief economist of Newhuadu Group. Mr. Jean-Jacques de Dardel, the Swiss Ambassador to China, attended the event as special guest. 

110 guests from different sectors participated in the event. Some of the participants were senior officials from Swiss, French, Canadian and the U.S embassies attended the seminar. Others were senior managers from European Chamber of Commerce, French Chamber and Swiss Chamber, and representatives from foreign and Chinese multinationals including JPMorgan, Credit Suisse, New Hope Group and PICC join the event as well. 

400 undergraduate students took on-line participation from Fuzhou Campus. 30 MBA and students joined the event with the help of internet in Shanghai. In Switzerland, NBS’ partners from Zurich local government, Kanton Uri local government and Zurich University listened to Mr. Chen’s presentation and had discussion during the Q&A session.

The seminar lasted about 2 hours and insisted of two main parts. Firstly, Mr. Chen gave a presentation which gave an overall review of China’s policy on ODI, its recent development and future outlook. A Q&A session was held afterwards during which the participants in Zurich and Beijing had discussion and communication with Mr. Chen. Mr. de Dardel asked the question regarding Sino-Swiss FTA and economic cooperation.

Mr. HE Zhiyi, Chairman of NBS, gave a conclusion speech at the end of the event and explained NBS’ international strategy. Noticing the challenges that Chinese multinationals are facing when they “go global” and develop the overseas market in terms of employee-seeking and training, NBS designed customer-tailed master degree program and summer program which are aimed to equip local students and future employees with the knowledge of Chinese language, culture and business management skills. Those programs are expected to enhance the operation and management efficiency of Chinese multinationals.

Mr. Chen listened to the more detailed introduction given by Mr. He of NBS’ international talents plan. He agreed with the idea of building up the Global Education Alliance of Multinationals and the cooperation mechanism among the government, the enterprises and the education institutions.


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