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IMBA Summer Consulting Internship Program a Complete Success

International Strategy of Newhuadu Business School
IMBA Summer Consulting Internship Program a Complete Success
On August 22nd, 2014,26 students from prestigious American universities, including Harvard University, University of Maryland, Purdue University, Babson College, University of California, San Diego,University of Georgia, etc., received their Certificate of Achievement, jointly issued by Chairman He Zhiyi and Dean Edmund Phelps, marking the accomplishment of the 2014 IMBA Summer Consulting Internship Program offered by Newhuadu Business School (NBS). 
A Chinese Program for International Students
The most innovative feature of the IMBA Summer Consulting Internship Program is that the outcome of the program – seven consulting reports on internationalization for seven companies respectively were a result of the combination of classroom lectures and corporate internship, specifically, a  combination of Chinese corporate and culture experience, in-depth engagement in the companies’ operation, and guidance by an internationally renowned  consultant who accompanied the participants to all the companies.  
The Summer Consulting Internship Program is designed to further explore the IMBA market. The participants, selected from 1825 universities, are mainly senior college students or MBA majors in USA, with an average age of 22. Most of them major in management or economics, with a strong interest in Chinese culture and economy. 
Based on systematic lectures, the program highlights participants’ on-going communication with the companies and in-depth involvement in the IR operation. 
Lectures & Seminars
On the NBS Pangu (Beijing) campus, professors in Business Management were invited to give English lectures on the following topics: multinationals’ China strategy and related case studies, China’s social and economic development, cross-cultural communication skills and basic Business Chinese. These courses presented a big picture for China’s economy and multinationals’ development in China. Meanwhile, the courses also help them experience Chinese traditional culture and unique Chinese corporate culture, and better understand the similarities and differences between Chinese and Western cultures, and the business management philosophy of Chinese companies.
Learning by Doing
To help the participants obtain first-hand knowledge of the influence of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism on business management in China, visits were arranged to Delong Holdings Group and Sunhouse Boiler Manufactory Co. Ltd.. 
Participants also visited the Yangtze River Delta Area, specifically, Suzhou National New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone(SND), Siemens (Suzhou) and Neway. A seminar was arranged at the SND. Participants were amazed by the development of industrial clusters in SND, in particular, the breathtaking development of some Chinese companies and multinationals in China, as well as the close attention paid by the Chinese government to indigenous intellectual property rights and IPR protection. Participants offered their comments on the orientation, investment promotion policies and development planning of SND. Leaders of the SND Management Committee spoke highly of the seminar. Mr. Niu Yueming, a member of the SND CPC Standing Committee, expressed that they welcomed the exchange with NBS Program which they believe can greatly enhance Suzhou’s international profile.
Internship with Chinese Companies on the Topic of Internationalization
NBS engaged Mr. Shaun P Bourgeois, Senior Consultant of the US-based PA Consulting Group as the mentor to the participants.  Mr. Bourgeois has international management consulting experience for over a decade and has provided consultancy services in multiple fields for Chinese government and multinationals. 
Under the instruction of Mr. Bourgeois, participants were divided into seven groups to accomplish their internship in seven multinationals on the topic of internationalization. The internship proved to be mutually beneficial for the participants and the companies as well. 
Participants gained understanding on the status quo and development of Chinese companies upon field research and interviews, offered proposals based on their professional knowledge and international vision to tackle internationalization-related problems, and have thus improved their abilities.
Cooperative companies have gained first-hand information and knowledge of management philosophy of foreign countries from the research results and consulting reports delivered by the participants, especially the status quo and development strategy of the America market; they also gained fresh perspectives about their products and brand development. The involvement of the students from prestigious American universities as well as the consulting reports delivered by the participants are good for the international image of the companies, and conducive to their global promotion and to expansion of their existing public relations and partnership with prospect international customers.
Under the instruction of the mentor, all participants successfully completed their research projects, which culminated in an official consulting report and a presentation for the company executives. Due to the unique perspective of the international students, their research results were highly recognized and appreciated.
The internationalization of NBS Business School
The IMBA Summer Consulting Internship Program 2014 marks NBS’s exploration of its IMBA program.
Internationalization is a long-standing strategy of NBS Business School. On 12th April 2013, NBS held an inauguration ceremony for NBS Business School (Switzerland), making it the very first Chinese business school which has been interpedently registered overseas. The Switzerland campus signifies a milestone in China’s education development as it serves as a platform for Chinese transnational personnel receiving training and education in Europe and a window for foreign transnationals to understand Chinese business and culture. On 23rd May 2013, witnessed by Chinese Primer Li Keqiang and Swiss President Ueli Maurer, NBS and University of Zurich signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Joint Cultivation of International Talents, which marked the official in-depth cooperation in international education between the two sides.
Chinese wisdom plus international vision -- NBS Business School aims at cultivating excellent international business administration personnel with cross-cultural communication skills, who are both proficient with Western management knowledge and familiar with Chinese politics, economy, culture and thinking patterns. NBS Business School will, as always, be committed to enhancing the competitiveness of Chinese companies in the international market.

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