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Overseas Chinese Family Business Innovation Program Opens for Application

China has been keeping a high-speed economic growth for decades and became one of the most popular destinations of international investment. At the same time, the European market hasn’t been able to terminate the trend of decline. 
Xinhuadu Business School has a special focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and family business studies, giving the program with distinctive advantages. The program is designed for Family Business’ young successors whose families are originally from China. Participants would be offered with specially tailed curriculum including courses in economy, culture, history, management sand language etc. Besides the trainings of market knowledge and business skills, the program will also offer cultural events and activities to enhance their personality and prepare them for becoming successful businessmen in the future.
 Exclusive discussion with Prof. Edmunds Phelps, President of NBS and Nobel Laureate in 2006.
 Guided by academic mentors with rich experience in business practice, look into business innovation during transformation of development model
 Meet face-to-face with outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs, build up and expand networks
 Trainings and classes offered by governmental officials and business elites.
 An in-depth experience of Chinese traditional culture from Tai-chi to Peking Opera
 Distinguishing leadership training based on the essence of Chinese traditional culture
 Comprehensive experience and understand China’s development through interesting visits and traveling.
The 21-day program will take place in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou and Shunde and contains training classes, field research and case study. The courses will cover a range of topics on China’s economic growth, innovation environment, business management strategy and leadership enhancing. Besides, field research and case study will take place within companies and industrial parks.
Additionally, visits to relevant governmental departments and officials are arranged to help students obtain an overall understanding of policies and investment environment.
Application Requirements
1. Undergraduate students at third or senior or graduate students, enrolling in a university outside China
2. Member of an overseas Chinese family;
3. Strong interest in Chinese culture;
4. Interested in China’s economy and business innovation
5. A potential successor or founder of family business.
Application Procedure
1. Please send your CV to NBS at intl@nbs.edu.cn by 1st November, 2014. 
2. Fill the program & scholarship application forms.
3. Interview via Skype.
4. Accept the Offer.
5. Apply for Visa and book flight tickets.
NBS will offer several places with scholarship to outstanding students. The selection of scholarship will be based on the students’ personal statement and performance in interview.

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