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SHFTZ' inauguration provides enlightenment for Chinese-style entrepreneurship—activity of NBS entrepreneurial program held in Xiamen

On October 19, 2013, an activity of the entrepreneurial program of NBS organized by New Huadu Business School (NBS) and the Xiamen Federation of Commerce of Chamber & Xiamen General Chamber of Commerce (XMIC) took place in Xiamen. Qiu Xiaohua, a professor of NBS and former commissioner of the National Bureau of Statistics; Zhou Chongwu, a financing expert; as well as persons in charge of over 100 member enterprises of XMIC were invited to explore the frontier and latest issues of management.

Wang Qin, secretary of the Party Leadership Group of XMIC, delivered a speech, noting that the activity organized by XMIC is aimed to provide more intellectual support and services to Fujian's innovative enterprises under the drive of NBS' innovative and entrepreneurial education to ensure more benefits for these enterprises in their future operation.

Zhou spoke on the "influence of new trends of financial reforms on financing of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs)". He said, "MSMEs' financing difficulty is a global problem and the problem is even worse in China, which is reflected in the great gap between banks' credit supply and MSMEs' credit demand. In the future, aiming at multi-level and diversified financing demands of innovative MSMEs, we can consider accelerating the cultivation and development of financial service institutions for SMEs and private enterprises. This means China has huge potential in the field of entrepreneurial MSMEs credit." Most attendees highly recognized the view and exchanged ideas with Zhou in depth.

The activity climaxed in Qiu's speech. Qiu, former commissioner of the National Bureau of Statistics known as a "digital minister" in the industry, interpreted the hot economic topic of "what deep influence will the policy of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (SHFTZ) have on China's economy in the future" at the level of macroeconomic policies. In the critical period of China's economic transformation, SHFTZ was established to bring development dividend to Shanghai and China as an "experimental field" of China's proactively opening to the outside world. "Reduce government intervention, introduce market competition and complete economic structure reform in the survival of the fittest". SHFTZ's establishment is exactly concrete embodiment of practicing the economic advocacy. This means that market competition will provide looser and freer development space for Chinese private enterprises, and such economic policies will make more Chinese-style venture enterprises stand out as dark horses. To better match the rapid development and expansion of venture enterprises, entrepreneurial education will undoubtedly provide strong educational support for the steady development of Chinese venture enterprises.

The activity is aimed at building a high-end interactive exchange and learning platform for entrepreneurs in the period of business development to help enterprises remove development bottleneck and grow rapidly and steadily. While integrating global entrepreneurial and innovative resources in the future, the entrepreneurial program will focus on building a new-generation venture enterprise team with global strategic thinking and the spirit of Chinese-style reform and innovation through the front-end education mode of "mentorship fostering intelligence, entrepreneurs going together with one dream".

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