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The corporate education offers a series of tailor-made incorporate training programs which provides tools and training to improve business operation and performance by integrating L&D function with their implementation of strategy.
The corporate education also aims at equipping managers in multinational organizations with global vision and the ability of dealing with multiple cultures.

The training programs aim at training participants with the knowledge of Chinese business and culture, including China’s economics and politics, Chinese management wisdom, China’s marketing, Chinese language and culture, and business management and practice. All the courses last from half day to four days and participants can choose any of the courses according to their personal interest. After the training, participants can comprehensively understand Chinese macro-economy, politics and structures, Chinese culture, business environment so as to facilitate the localization process of international companies.


◆ Reduce the cultural collides that the foreign managers may confront in China so as to adapt to the local environment more easily.

◆ Facilitate managers to understand the local operations and customs so as to maintain the internal and external network.

◆ Increase the free internal information flow and decision-making efficiency so as to strengthen the teamwork and company cohesion.

◆ Improve leadership and negotiation skills.

◆ Enhance the understanding of Chinese economy, politics, and culture so as to accelerate the process of localization.


Module I China’s Politics and Economy

China’s Macro-economy

Economic Politics& legal system of Chinese Government

Strategy of Multinational Company and Chinese Government

The Relationship between Multinational Companies and Chinese Government

Module II China’s Marketing

Branding Management

Network Marketing in China

Marketing Across Cultures

Branding in China

Module III Business Management and Practices

Leadership and Team Leaders

Intercultural Coaching

Module IV Chinese Management Wisdom

Sunzi’s Military Conceptions

Master Sunzi’s Art of War and Business Competition

Module V Chinese Culture Experience

Chinese Tea Culture

Chinese Drinking and Culinary Culture

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Traditional Medicine and Massage

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