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IMBA program integrates the western management education modes into specific Chinese business environment, traditional culture and the ecological situation for corporate development, carrying out targeted research and teaching.

Based on the respect for individual characteristics and experiences, IMBA program integrates resources of government、enterprises and society to provide advanced management philosophy and platform for China’s development. It comprehensively cultivates management talents who bear global vision, have deep insights into the international business practice as well as know well China’s situation, policies, economy and culture in order to enhance enterprises’ vitality and promote localization of multinational companies.

New Huadu Business School has employed many world-class researchers and managers of large enterprises as professors and practice mentors, such as Nobel Prize Winners in Economics, renowned professors from the University of California, University of Cambridge,Duke University, Hong Kong University, National Chengchi University as well as CEOs form world-famous enterprises. IMBA program has adopted enterprise-university joint training mode to enable students to listen to the world voice, to personally experience corporate environment and to create new miracles of Chinese education.

Learning objectives

◆ Gain an insight of international business practice and China’s market
◆ Familiar with China’s politics, economy and culture
◆ Grasp ability and skills of intercultural communication

 Summer Consulting Internship in China

Summer Consulting Internship in China is supported by the Global MNCs Education Alliance (GMEA). The goal of GMEA is to provide strong supports for the international elites to pursue their higher education and future career especially with a focus on China. The students who participate in their programs will have more opportunities to work for the multinational companies either in China or in the US after their graduations.

--Consulting internship experience in Chinese enterprises focused on Chinese management challenges

--Intensive practical training in business Chinese language and etiquette

--Business School Lectures on Chinese Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Chinese History and Chines MNCs

--Cross Culture Communication Coaching

--Case Studies on Chinese Management Characteristics and Internationalization of Chinese enterprises

--Tours of historical areas

--Cultural experiences in China

This Program is designed to provide participants with a global view of business, but with a particular focus on Chinese business philosophy and challenges. It provides students with an edge in the business world. Through creativity, entrepreneurship and globally important ideas, students are challenged to deepen their view of MNCs, develop a strategic mindset and grasp the latest management tools required by a multinational company leader in today’s fast-moving business world.

The Program places each student into a Chinese multi-national company for two different experiences: a single day immersion with a Senior Manager and a 4 weeks long placement in a consulting engagement. The first placement allows students to understand a Chinese MNC's manager's typical day and the challenges that he or she faces. The second placement allows the students to study a particular problem in an MNC and propose a formal solution to the issue, using internal and external information as appropriate. 

The Program blends innovative course design with face-to–face interaction, consulting experience and immersion study tours. It also unites students from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds in the spirit of learning, open-mindedness and debate, while at the same time providing a deeper understanding of Chinese business philosophy and culture through first-hand experience. At the end, students may earn their college academic credits once they complete the program.

Academic and professional requirements:

-- Undergraduates and graduates at college/university or equivalent

-- Eager to gain experience in a multinational company

-- Dynamic and open-minded with International mindset

-- Ability to appreciate different cultural models of business

-- Strong leadership potential

-- Clear motivation, drive and maturity

-- Recognized achievements

-- Academic ability

-- Minimum 3.0 GPA

Application Procedures

Step 1 – Send CV to IMBA@nbs.edu.cn

Step 2 – Scholarship /Company Stipend Application

Step 3 -- Acceptance by NBS Committee

Step 4 —Visa

Step 5 – Pre-training



◆ All teaching in English

◆ Integrating Chinese enterprises’ practice with International high-level MBA education

◆ Learning Chinese civilization and business culture

◆ Experiencing corporate management and development in greater China

◆ Scholarship awarded by business school


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