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The Global Executive MBA is a 24-month, dynamic program designed to provide participants with a global view of business with focus on Chinese business philosophy.

In today’s fast-changing environment, NBS seeks to provide students with the edge in the business world, through a program that promotes creativity, entrepreneurship and ideas from around the globe.

The Global Executive MBA program blends innovative course design with face-to–face interaction and immersion study tours. It allows to unite experienced executives from diverse backgrounds, industries and cultures in the spirit of learning, open-mindedness and debate, at the same time provides a deep understanding of Chinese business philosophy and culture through first-hand experience. The diverse classes will build together a global view of business, develop a strategic mindset and grasp the latest management tools required by a multinational company leader in today’s fast-moving business world.

Learning Objectives

◆ Understand the international business practice and China’s market

◆ Cultivate management talents who are familiar with China’s politics, economy and culture

◆ Promote the localization of multinational companies.

◆ Cultivate international-minded employees for multinational companies


The GEMBA degree education takes two years. Students will finish different courses in Switzerland, China, the U. S. and the UK respectively. The total curriculum time is 90 days with 5 modules, including 41 days in Switzerland, 35 days in China, 10 days in Columbia University, and 4 days in Cambridge University.


Module 1    Macro-economy & Strategy


Strategic Management

Chinese Economic Strategy & Social Mega-trends

Policies & Legal System of Chinese Government

Module 2    Enterprise Management & Practice

Organizational Behaviors & HR Management

Financial Management

Supply Chain & Operations Management

Information System

Strategies of Multinational Companies in China

Module 3    Marketing & Brand Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy

Innovation & Technology

Chinese Market Development

Module 4    Cross Culture & Communication

Implication & Art of Chinese Language

Chinese Commerce & Chinese Civilization

Cross-culture Communication & Negotiation

Cross-culture Leadership & Decision-making

Chinese Business Etiquette

Module 5    Case Study & Study Tours

Case Study of Chinese Enterprises


Immersion Studies in

◆ China


◆ UK


China :


The students learn about Chinese government policies and the structures and trends of China’s economic development and get into the complexity of China by communicating with Chinese government officials and managers of Chinese multinational companies. Visits to universities and historic sites will allow the students to have a deep understanding of Chinese history and culture.


The students will visit multinational companies in Suzhou Industrial Park. Case studies on Chinese enterprises will help students to understand the operation rules of Chinese enterprises and get familiar with the ways to enter the Chinese market.

Wuyi Mountain

Xiamen City

Visits to Fuzhou and World Heritage Wuyi Mountain provide the students with first-hand experience of the mindsets and values of Chinese people as well as of the decision-making and behavior modes of Chinese businessmen. Chinese philosophy and Fujian Business Culture are also approached during those trips.


Lead the world by learning from successful experience

Students communicate face-to-face with world-class professors and learn the world's most advanced management theories. Courses of strategic development and business administration are taken in Switzerland, the United States and the United Kingdom. All the courses are taught by famous professors from Columbia University, Yale University, California State University, the University of Southern California, University of Cambridge, the University of Hong Kong and NBS.

Understand China’s overall situation by tracking the roots

Students attend classes in China and learn about Chinese government policies as well as the structures and trends of China's economic development and grasp the overall situation in China by communicating with Chinese government officials, managers and representatives of Chinese multinational companies. This allows the students to learn about Chinese business culture and philosophy by first-hand experience. They can also get familiar with China's long history and rich culture through watching dramas, visiting diverse universities, museums and historical sites.

Manage cross-culture communication for a global mindset

Students can master the skills in cross-cultural communication through analyzing the differences between western and eastern mindsets, values, decision-making processes and action modes. The elements that hinder the cross-culture communication of each student are examined through the creation of a personal cultural assessment file. Coaching can help to recognize and solve the actual difficulties in cross-culture communication of the students.

◆Tailor Made Training

The tailor-made training programs provide courses exclusively designed to meet the specific needs of companies.

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