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Customized Swiss Training (CST) makes best of the advantages of New Huadu Business School (Switzerland) to offer the customized training for companies and individuals according to the needs and features of different industries and companies. 

Learning objectives

◆Experience a mature and efficient labor market, help students learn the importance of human resource management in the internalization process and international competition

◆Learn the successful experience in internalization of Swiss enterprises by combing the classroom study and organization visits

◆Experience Swiss culture and society and taste the cross-cultural and international environment in person

◆Have a deep understanding of the solutions to the inheritance and development problems of the history-loaded Swiss enterprises

◆Learn and understand Swiss excellent brand marketing, culture communication and strategic management in the global market

◆Gain an insight of the investment environment of Europe, build international cooperation relations

(1) Swiss Study Tour

According to the 2010 Global Competitiveness Report, Switzerland has surpassed the USA to become the most competitive economy around the globe. The Swiss economy features in the strong innovation and mature corporate cultures. Hence, the Swiss Study tour is designed to satisfy the needs and requirements of companies and students. During the 15-day tour, they have the chance to visit the first-ranking universities in the Switzerland, such as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), International Institute for Management Development (IMD), and St Gallen University, to learn the leading management and innovative ideas. At the same time, varieties of companies in different industries will be visited and give lectures, such as Novartis Company, IBM-Nano Technology Center, and Rolex. In addition, students have the opportunities to know the polies, economy and trade, and cultures of Switzerland and understand the Swiss investment environment from the Swiss Embassy and ZGA so as to establish the good network for future international business.

Swiss time: afternoon of December 8, 2013, nearly 40 teachers and students arrived at the campus of New Huadu Business School (Switzerland). The students will begin their half a month’s study in the school located in a famous old castle in Zurich, Switzerland.

Group photo

Assistant Dean Lin Hua briefly introduced the unique history of Switzerland and personally visited the Swiss National Museum with the students. The students got to know the historical origin and the future development of Switzerland, realized the unique features of Switzerland as the heart of Europe, as well as the profound meaning of NBS authority in running a branch school in Switzerland. That night, the school opening ceremony was held on the first floor of the campus of NBS Switzerland.

Dinner party

The school leaders specifically invited the former mayor of Zurich, President of SCFO Dr. Thomas Wagner to the dinner party. Dr. Wagner made a 10 minutes’ impromptu speech for students. He said that students can absorb experience from Switzerland and grasp some business opportunities based on the actual situations in China. He said that the water treatment, environmental protection in Switzerland will have a bright future if introduced in China. He also talked about his profound friendship with the Chinese people. His impromptu speech won rounds and rounds of applause from the students.

Dr. Thomas Wagner giving speeches

Inside the old castle, the ceremony is permeated with strong festive atmosphere. Laughter and applause is heard continuously. Everyone is full of expectations for the coming of new life and study in Switzerland. In the new starting point in a foreign land, the students will encounter another beautiful life and stride towards their dreams. They will spend a memorable time together and embark in their upcoming glorious journey.

(2) The Program for the Silk and Textile Industry

China is the hometown of silk and has a long history of silk production. At the same time, Switzerland has the most advanced textile technology and innovative ideas. The Swiss silk and textile, famous for its high quality and state of art techniques, has the great competitiveness in the global market. It is also the standard maker in the textile industry. Students and companies learn the advanced textile technology, and exquisite fashion elements to realize China’s transformation of “Silk Power” from “Silk Country” and disseminate Chinese silk culture and civilization.

The program for the Silk and Textile Industry combines research, education training, and investigation in companies and industries to improve students’ comprehensive management knowledge and practical skills in silk and textile.


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