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Introduction to Research Institutes

New Huadu Economy and Management Institute

The New Huadu Economic and Management Research Institute was established in Beijing on April 3, 2011 as the first non-governmental research institution in China jointly launched by a private charity foundation and a university. Chairman of He Zhiyi of New Huadu Business School serves as concurrent Chairman of the Institute, while Dean Edmund S. Phelps of the School and the 2006 Nobel Prize in Economics serves as concurrent President of the Institute. Celebrated Chinese economists such as Cao Fengqi and Fan Gang and a number of prestigious scholars in management research also joined the Institute as members of the Academic Committee. Researchers from Peking University, Fudan University, Columbia University and other famous institutions of higher learning at home and abroad will also be involved in the research projects to enrich the professional capacity of the Institute.

The top five of the first-batch openly announced topics for research at the Institute are: “Global Innovation Index,” “Corporate History of China,” “Heritage and Sustainable Development of Family Business,” “Comparison Among Market Economies in China, Germany, and U.S.,” and “Energy Economics and Low-carbon Projects.”

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Case Study Center

Established in May 2011, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Case Study Center is a multi-function body capable of entrepreneurship and innovation research and study as well as entrepreneurial practices. By looking closely into real cases in entrepreneurship and innovation practices, the Center is mandated to serve as a platform for exchange of minds between the industry and academia as well as between industrialists and theorists. It is also expected to develop new leaders in entrepreneurship and innovation, to improve theoretic research and practical endeavors in entrepreneurship and innovation, and to enhance innovative capability of the Chinese industries. The Center is now a strategic partner to the Innovation Institute of Peking University and the Peking University Business Review.

China Energy Economics and Low-carbon Development Institute

Professor Lin Boqiang, a renowned energy economist in China, is the founding President of the NHBS China Energy Economics and Low-carbon Development Institute. Incorporated in Fuzhou with State approval in April 2011, the Institute is a first-class independent institution for teaching and research of energy economy and low-carbon development.

This Institute is an innovative research platform emerged to meet national strategic needs and to capture opportunities of the times. Armed with theories of economics and knowledge in energy technologies, the Institute aims to become an academic body capable policy consulting services, research projects, theoretical explorations, and talent development. Its research efforts will focus on emerging issues of energy and environment significance to China's reform and development.

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