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Chairman’s Message

From the very beginning, New Huadu Business School has had its grand vision: to become a world-class business school with Chinese contents in a decade. There are two prerequisites to achieve this objective: to be innovative and take extraordinary development path; to creatively determine our own position and direction with intensive and meticulous work in the niche market of business education. As such, New Huadu Business School has decided to concentrate on entrepreneurship education and apply innovative approaches in school-running model, governance structure and teaching methods.

It has brought opportunities for continuous development in New Huadu Business School based on our unique positioning and bold innovation. After two years of operations, we have started to deliver undergraduate programs and executive development programs (EDP). What is more exciting is the accreditation of our MBA in Entrepreneurship program in 2011.

It has been well proven that our positioning in entrepreneurship education has answered the urgent needs of national economic development.

It was not until 1960s that entrepreneurship studies became an independent discipline in 1960s. So far more than 1600 universities in the United States are offering courses in entrepreneurship; more than 200 universities are offering degree programs in entrepreneurship; there exist more than 100 specific research institutes of entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship education in the United States has echoed its situation of business entrepreneurship. More and more business enterprises are setting up when its entrepreneurship education develops.

China has not yet set up a discipline in entrepreneurship studies under its current academic system, nor has it built up an education and training model for enterprising business people. In view of this, New Huadu Business School dedicates to entrepreneurship education. While learning successful experiences from western entrepreneurship education, we explore and establish our own education system based on unique culture and situation of economic development in China. Employment in China needs to be pulled up by entrepreneurship. Further economic development in China needs entrepreneurs with innovative spirits. Harmonious development of Chinese society needs entrepreneurs with strong sense of social responsibilities. New Huadu Business School has the willingness to undertake this crucial task of revitalizing Chinese nationalities, by fostering thousands and thousands of new entrepreneurs. We expect that those starting enterprises will become the benchmark of Chinese enterprises after 20 years.

As a burgeoning business school, we will grow along with the development of entrepreneurship education and venturing enterprises in China. We firmly believe that the development and maturity of entrepreneurship education will bring about another boom of venturing enterprises. Both entrepreneurship education and enterprising situation will be brilliant in the next 10 years.  


He Zhiyi

                  Chairman, New Huadu Business School

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