[academic salon] issue 17: financial availability, asset allocation and gender preference

Time: 15:00 on Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Location: B401 Newhuadu Business School

Sharing guest: Dr. Guo Nianzhi

Topic: financial availability, asset allocation and gender preference

Abstract: Since the 1980s, imbalance of China's increasingly serious gender and a series of social problems have attracted wide attention. The abnormal sex ratio of birth is a widespread phenomenon nationwide, and its long-term imbalance will definitely restrict China's future development. Different scholars try to figure out the causes of gender imbalance of Chinese born population from different perspectives. Different from the existing literature, this paper attempts to provide a new explanation for the imbalance of the sex ratio in China through empirical analysis and research on the influence of financial availability on the sex ratio at birth and its internal mechanism. The study found that the lack of financial availability makes it impossible for residents to make reasonable asset allocation to cope with future material and spiritual risks, and they can only rely on having children to "raise their children for their old age". This is the root cause of the imbalance of sex ratio in China.