1. mainland Chinese nationals
2. meet any one of the following
(a)Completed postgraduate before August 31, 2017
(b)Completed undergraduate (national education) before August 31, 2016
(c)Graduated from higher vocational and professional college (national education) before August 31, 2014

Application time

October 10, 2018 – October 31, 2018
Log in “China Postgraduate Application Information Network” to make online application within above period.

On-site confirmation

Pay close attention to relevant notifications released by provincial examination institutions. Go to designated site within specific time period to check and confirm personal online application information.

First-round Exam

Takenational entrance examination on management in December, 2018.

Second-round Exam

Candidates whose examination score reaches admission score obtain qualification for reexamination.
(Admission score of Newhuadu Business School in 2018: national A-level score: total score of national examination ≥ 165, integrative competence (math, logics, and writing) ≥ 84, English ≥ 42)
Reexamination contains interview and assessment of comprehensive quality, political theory examination, oral English test; time for reexamination is March or April in 2019, and notice sent by the School shall be prevailing.


Candidates who have passed preliminary test and reexamination are able to obtain qualification of pre-admission. Such candidates may obtain official admission after passing the review of authenticity of application information and the audit of personal files, passing political investigation, passing physical examination, and getting approval from superior competent department.

Program details

Student Quotas and Location

60 persons (subject to quotas regulated by The Education Department of Fujian Province)
Location: Fuzhou

Cultivation mode

Part-time MBA Program
Length of schooling: two and half a year, period of validity of enrollment would be extended to 5 years
Learning mode: studying at school without demission, module teaching is generally arranged, generally courses would be instructed one time per month, 3-4 days each time)

Tuition fees

Tuition fees: free
Fees for accommodation: within the length of schooling, students may apply for dormitory at your own expenses.
During the study period, fees for teaching materials, travelling expenses and board and lodging expenses shall be borne by students.

Diploma and Academic Degree

Within valid period of enrollment, students will be conferred with certification of the master’s degree and diploma of Master of Business Administration admitted by the State upon approval of Academic Degree Committee of the School on condition that students have completed compulsory courses, have gained all required credits, and have passed dissertation defense.