The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th semester

Compulsory Courses

Foundation Courses

English for Business | Political Economy | Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Core Courses

Principles of Management │ Managerial Economics │ Business Statistics│ Accounting │Marketing │ Financial Management │ Operational Management │ Strategic Management │Organizational Behavior │Human Resource Management │Information System Management

Optional Courses

Entrepreneurial Opportunities Recognition │ Innovation for Business Modes │ Business Proposal │Concepts to Design and Approaches to Innovation│ Innovation Management │ E-commerce and Big Data │ Customer Behavior and Market Research │ Customer Relation Management │ Capital Market and Entrepreneurial Financing │ Equity Institutions and Equity Incentives │ Legal Practice for Enterprises │Merger and Acquisition │ Techmark │ Analysis of Financial Statements │ Stock Investment │ Futures, Options and Other Financial Derivatives │ Modern Financial Frontier │ Business Etiquette and Occupational Quality │ Management Communication and Business Negotiation │ Innovative Leadership │ Chinese Culture and Enterprise Management │ Sprits of Merchants of Fujian and Entrepreneurial Practices

Second Classroom

Entrepreneurship Lectures │ Financial Lectures │ Entrepreneurship Salon │ Business Roadshow Contest │ Entrepreneurship Consultancy│ Private Board of Directors │ Enterprise Visiting

Graduate Practice

Practice of Enterprise Consultation │ Practice of Launching a New Enterprise | Practice of Solutions to Practical Issues of Financial Enterprises


Dissertation proposal │Dissertation writing and academic standards │ Review and dissertation defense


Conferring of Degrees

Certification of The Master’s Degree of MBA conferred by Minjiang University
Postgraduate diploma of Minjiang University


Opening courses to schoolmates │ Entrepreneurship and innovation activities │ Alumni association