Newhuadu Business School

Newhuadu Business School has a rich tradition of developing innovative entrepreneurs. Our MBA program builds on this legacy, providing you with a solid foundation in core business principles while developing a broadened mindset and understanding of the role of business in society of China. You will be challenged to delve deep into the areas that interest you most and gain the strategic skills and insight to lead a successful, purposeful career.

The program exposes you to:
        •  a global connected network
        •  diverse career opportunities
        •  thought leaders
        •  a rigorous academic experience

Study Plan

Develop your ability to think logically, laterally and independently and build fundamental skills through the core courses

Characteristics of Program

Shape and define your career goals through industry specific electives and empower yourself to become a future business leader.

Application for 2019 class

We are looking for candidates with intellectual curiosity and drive required to succeed in a demanding and thought-provoking environment.

Program Honor

◈'The Most Influential Brand MBA School' awarded by Sina Chinese Education Ceremony 2013
        ◈'New and Prominent Chinese MAB School 2013' – the 10th MAB Achievement Award
        ◈'The Most Unique MAB School 2014” awarded by the 2nd Tencent Business School Development Forum'
        ◈'The Most Influential Brand MBA School 2014' awarded by Sina Chinese Education Ceremony 2014
        ◈'Chinese Top 10 Best MBA Business School' awarded by MBA Entrepreneur Summit 2014
        ◈'The Most Innovative MAB School 2015' awarded by the 3rd Tencent Business School Development Forum
        ◈'The Most Influential Brand MBA School 2015' awarded by Sina Chinese Education Ceremony 2015
        ◈'The Most Influential MBA School 2016' awarded by CCTV Education Ceremony 2016
        ◈'The Most Innovative MAB School 2016' awarded by 2016 Tencent Business School Forum 2016
        ◈'Influential MBA School 2016”awarded by Annual Conference for Chinese Educators and “China Good Education” Ceremony 2016