A leader in business education in one of most dynamic regions of China, the Faculty provides top quality programs of study through three departments: Business Administration, Accounting, and Banking and Finance. To succeed in business, graduates need to be equipped with a solid grounding in areas such as accounting and business statistics, as well as leadership skills and a global mindset. Our program combines theory and practice to teach you how businesses operate. Alongside technical development, you will gain the critical thinking and problem-solving skills to apply your knowledge effectively in the business world.

Your global business journey starts here with a wide variety of subject options, interactive learning experiences and a strong commercial grounding in business. Take advantage of our international exchange and industry placement opportunities and tailor your degree to launch your career in virtually any field, anywhere in the world.

Bilingual Mode of Learning

NBS provides bilingual courses in Mandarin and English which use the textbooks and materials in English. Some courses, such as English and Business Communication Courses, are conducted by native lecturers. About 80% of courses are conducted in bilingual mode.

Case Studies

NBS introduces the case study method in the classroom using the learning materials from Tsinghua Universities and Harvard University to sharpen students’ problem-solving and critical thinking skills by disseminating real-life situations that business executives have faced.

“3.5+0.5” Joint Program

NBS has been sending students to Peking University, School of Knowledge Economy and Management (SKEMA) and the University of Zurich, etc. for academic exchanges for seven years. The joint programs provide students opportunities to gain hands-on experience in cross-cultural environments. It also improves their academic performances and cross-cultural understanding.

ACCA&CFA International Tutorials

NBS cooperates with the Golden Finance and Economic Group to offer ACCA&CFA International Tutorials to encourage our students to hold at least one globally recognized certificate before graduation. The tutorials were divided into two phases with 172 students. The passing rates of ACCA examination for our students from F1 to F4 are 84.09%, 74.40%, 100%, and 100% respectively, which are above the global average. In the International Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) examination, the passing rate of our students is 100%, which is 60% higher than the global average.

Scholarship Policy

NBS has constructed a sophisticated scholarship system which corresponds to Mr. Fashu Chen’s goodwill and guardianship. Since established, scholarship for short-term exchange programs has amounted to more than RMB 20 million, while scholarship for further studies or international visits has been more than RMB 16 million. The scholarships of outstanding freshmen and students’ start-ups have been more than RMB 10 million and RMB 5 million respectively. On average, NBS has provided each student with a scholarship of RMB 150,000.

Students’ Achievements

The average passing rate in the first attempt of the CET-4 English Language Test for undergraduate students has been higher than 90% for eight consecutive years. It is not uncommon for our students to be awarded the outstanding or golden prizes in National English Competition and “Youth Creation” Start-ups award for undergraduate students.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)Program aims to prepare students for entering and sustaining careers in business administration.

Bachelor of Accounting

Bachelor of Accounting Program provides solid accounting professional background for students including principles that guide to the current practice.

Bachelor of Banking and Finance

Bachelor of Banking and Finance Program is covering finance, economics, mathematics, statistics and programming techniques aiming to meet employers’ rising expectations and requirements.