Dean’s Message

Dean’s Message

I met New-huadu Business School in 2013 when I was still the Dean of the School of Management at National Chi Nan University in Taiwan. At that time, I organized a professional team for the students of New-huadu Business School to study in my college. Each year, we teach nearly 100 sophomores until 2016.

In response to the global recruitment campaign for the Dean of NBS, I resigned as a faculty member in Taiwan in the middle of 2018 and came to lead NBS. The first dean of NBS is Professor Edmund Phelps, Nobel laureate in economics. He is a respected senior scholar in economics, which made this inheritance significant. Professor Phelps has long been concerned about the development of China, and has put forward many valuable recommendations on domestic policies on innovation and entrepreneurship, and tried to make NBS to became national economic and business policy think tank. Therefore, following the ideas of the founding Dean, I hope that the faculties and students of our school can collaborate to perused academic excellency and develop sensitivities to the changes of international environment.

Secondly, first-class business schools should have advanced educational concepts and top-tier research abilities. Since the goal of our school is train international leaders for future industries, our school needs to use the edge cutting teaching methods to guide our students to best apply what they learn in school to the practice. On the other hand, through researches, our lecturers continues to deepen their professions, and pass such knowledge to students in the classrooms, which allows students to learn how to independently analysis problems and find solutions.

We shall also remember that Mr. Fashu Chen’s goodwill and guardianship are the base-stones of NBS. Our faculties and students should also deliver such spirit of benevolence to the society and the world.

Lin lin
Dean of New-huadu Business School