High-level Talent Recruitment Notice of Newhuadu Business School of Minjiang University

Fuzhou: a city with good fortune, a place suitable for life.

Fuzhou, also known as Rong Cheng, referred to as ‘Rong’, the provincial capital of Fujian Province, is located in the eastern coast of Fujian Province and the lower reaches of the Minjiang River. It is a typical subtropical monsoon climate with moderate temperature, warm and humid. The air quality, forest coverage, and indicators such as the degree of greening have been ranked among the top cities in the provincial capitals for many years.

Fuzhou is a famous cultural city with a history of more than 2,200 years. It has long been regarded as the political and cultural center of Fujian. It became a temporary capital in the late Song Dynasty and the late Ming Dynasty. It is one of the earliest open five trading ports in modern China, and it also has a long Chinese shipping culture. Fuzhou is a birthplace and the cradle of the modern navy, which have far-reaching influence in the modern history of China. It cultivated a large number of modern thinkers, scientists and technologists, military and cultural circles such as Lin Zexu, Yan Fu, Shen Yu, Lin Sen, Chen Shaokuan, Lin Juemin, Lin Huiyin and Bing Xin. These pioneers and celebrities are known as "the seaside Zou Lu".

In the tide of reform and opening up, Fuzhou was one of the first 14 coastal port cities to open to the outside world, the Maritime Silk Road Gateway and one of the three districts of the China (Fujian) Free Trade Zone. As the nearest provincial capital city to Taiwan, Fuzhou is one of the regions with the most extensive preferential policies for Taiwan and the most active cross-strait cooperation and exchange. It is one of the most promising capital cities in the southeast coast.

About MinJiang University

Located in Fuzhou City, the capital of Fujian Province, Minjiang University is a key university building in Fujian Province, a pilot college for professional postgraduate education serving the country's special needs, a first-class discipline building university in Fujian Province, and the first batch of deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform model universities.

The university has 4 campuses with a total campus area of more than 1.6 million square meters and a full-time student population of nearly 18,500. There are 15 secondary schools, with a master's degree in Business Administration, and 59 undergraduate majors, covering eight programmes, including Economics, Law, Literature, History, Science, Engineering, Management, and Art. It possesses 1 subject, 3 provincial key disciplines, 6 provincial application-oriented disciplines, and 2 national-level specialty programs, 5 provincial-level specialty programs, 7 service industry specialty programs, and 3 provincial demonstration application-oriented professional groups. It has 3 provincial key laboratories, 1 provincial engineering research center, 1 academician expert workstation, 12 provincial science and technology innovation platforms, 7 Fuzhou science and technology innovation platforms and think tanks, and a number of school-level and school-enterprise cooperative research institutions and collaborative innovation centers.

Adhering to the urban spirit of “Diversity and Inclusion”, Minjiang University actively open education to the world, and cooperates with famous universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University and Renmin University of China, and cooperates with the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia and other countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. More than 30 colleges and universities have established inter-school partnerships. The application-oriented talent training model of cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan and China and foreign countries has been recognized by the society.

The school, named after the “Mother River”- Min River of Fujian, actively integrated into the new Fuzhou construction, and developed the same frequency resonance and synergy with Fuzhou. With a closer relationship between schools and local economic and cultural development, the reform and development of Minjiang University have received a lot attention. The Provincial Department of Education and the Fuzhou Municipal Government jointly issued the “Implementation Plan for Supporting the Construction of Minjiang University” to further increase policy and financial support, and clearly support the school to build a high-level and distinctive application-oriented university.

About Newhuadu Business School

Newhuadu Business School is a public secondary business school founded by the Fujian Province Fashu Charity Foundation, who donated RMB 700 million in two phases to Minjiang University. With the goal of becoming a world-class business school with Chinese wisdom, the school aims to cultivate entrepreneurs and international talents with innovative capabilities and entrepreneurial spirit.

Newhuadu Business School has a strong ability to integrate global education and research resources. A group of well-known domestic and international professors and famous entrepreneurs from top universities and enterprises were invited to join to build a high-level, international, and diversified teaching team. The school has a modern building, which won the highest award in China-Luban Prize. It has good software and hardware conditions and provides a solid guarantee for teaching and research.

Newhuadu Business School now has undergraduate education, MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, iMBA and other educational programs, and established a multi-level modern business school infrastructure.

Talent Demand

Due to the developmental needs of the school, we invite talents with professional backgrounds such as Accounting, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Business Management, Financial Management, Finance, and Applied Economics to join us.

Talent Types and Conditions


Newhuadu Business School at MinJiang University is looking forward to welcoming you!


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