Build organizational capacity in the digital age

I.We must understand digitalization and new industrial era today.

1. Digitization

We need to know two most important knowledge about digitization.

(1) The essential characteristics of digitization: all changes are the impact of the speed of change.

(2) The focus of the digital era: time is no longer from the past to the future, but from the location to the speed and then to the acceleration.

2. What is the significance of digitalization to industrial value?

The biggest feature of digitalization is the reorganization with existing industries, and the reorganization with existing industries will lead to the organization of new industries.


II.How to build organizational capabilities in the digital age

1. What challenges and changes does the organization face in the digital age?

(1) Great changes have taken place in the organizational management.

(2) Organizations need to meet new challenges.


2. Human resources should be highly compatible with strategic management

Human resources themselves are strategies, and human resources and strategies must be highly compatible. To realize strategy, performance must be linked to a dynamic environment.


3. Five fundamental changes of organizations in the digital age

(1) From control to empowerment

From control to empowerment means we need to motivate employees.

(2) From competency to creativity

The big challenge in reality is uncertainty. The dishes in the catering industry are all determined. Where is the creativity? Frankly speaking, it is the service creation of employees. Therefore, from competency to creativity, the key words in the work scene are not command and power, but help to grow, to be creative, and to keep pace with the times.

(3) From individual value to collective wisdom

In the digital age, there must be two core goals of organizational management. One is the goals and performance of the enterprise, and the other is the meaning of people in the organization.

(4) From division of labor to collaboration

The core key to achieving performance is to treat the organization as a whole rather than a split state.

(5) From synergy to symbiosis

No company can create value alone. We must establish a symbiotic organization. This organization is the value of cross-domain and cross-network. Only cross-domain and cross-network have symbiotic value.


The ability that organizations must possess in the digital age today comes from our arrival in the digital age. I hope everyone really understands how we do things with a new logic. I wish you all a very good 2019 and a better 2020.