NBS organized HSK level 2 Mock Test

The HSK level 2 Mock Test (Paper-based) was held in A203 and A204 of Teaching Building in Newhuadu Business School in the evening of Nov-21.

The official sample test set of Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) was applied to this mock test following the 2 modules to test examinees’ proficiency in listening and reading. This mock test is arranged for students to know the basic question types for HSK. The participants need to write down their answers on the answer sheet, which would assist them to adapt for the real standardized Chinese proficiency exam atmosphere in the future.

(Instruction of Exam Structure)

(Instruction of Answer Sheet)

Most examinees are from the class of 2019 spring, they would get an accurate cognition of their Chinese language level through this test.

(HSK level2 Official Sample Test and Answer sheet)

The result and study guide would be mailed to students next week and then NBS would organize a debriefing session for the students to interchange their experience and feeling about Chinese language study.

Examinees working on test)

In recent years, with the increasing demand for multilingual talents from enterprises, the number of applicants for HSK test is increasing year by year. To respond to the Belt and Road Initiative and promote further development of overseas study in China, our school plans to conduct HSK mock tests on an irregular basis to provide more international students with the opportunities to test Chinese proficiency and improve their skill of language application. The Silk Road spirit of unity and mutual trust, equality and mutual benefit, inclusiveness and mutual learning, win-win cooperation and common development would be a friendly message to all international students..

Newhuadu Business School  Postgraduate Education Center Sissi and Jane