NBS organized HSK level 3 Mock Test

The HSK level 3 Mock Test (Paper-based) was held in C210 of Complex Building of Newhuadu Business School on the afternoon of Oct-25.

Exam location

The official sample test set of Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) was applied to this mock test following the 3 modules (listening, reading and writing) one by one. The participants need to write down their answers on the answer sheet, which would assist participants to immerse in the real exam atmosphere perfectly and have an accurate cognition of their Chinese language level.

Exam Setting

All international students of Minjiang University could access online registration for mock test. There are not only iMBA students applying for test but also undergraduate students from Vietnam and Kenya registering the test. The result would be published next week and then we would organize a knowledge sharing activity for the students to interchange their experience and feeling about Chinese language study.

We would meet the requirement of pedagogical demand to hold different level of HSK mock test in the future. Those events would be thought as the fundamental work for our China Immerse Practical Activities for iMBA students and the language support for building up the China-Root Entrepreneurship & Innovation MBA Program.

Group photo of examinee and staff

Newhuadu Business School  Postgraduate Education Center Sissi and Jane