Newhuadu Business School successfully hosted the Summer Camp of 'I am the Creator' in 2019

Between July 10 to 12, the summer camp of ‘I am the Creator’ of Newhuadu Business School was successfully held in 2019. There are 48 students from Qingliu No.1 High School, Zhenghe No.1 High School, Jianning No.1 High School, Liancheng No.1 High School, Taining No.1 High School and Heshan High School. Under the leading of their teachers, all students gathered in the Newhuadu Business School, which is promote the brainstorm of ‘innovation’ and ‘creation’.

For the deeply study the essence and connotation of ‘innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity’ education, a new mode of ‘innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity’ talent training is actively carried out by Newhuadu Business School. In addition, NBS is continuously push the educational practice of ‘innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity’, and then integrated the educational conceptions into the process of personnel training, which is constantly improve the innovation and entrepreneurship educational system. In April 2019, a forum of high-quality senior high schools in Fujian was held by Newhuadu Business School, because NBS signed several high-quality students’ base, and relied on it. It isk opened a summer camp of ‘I am a creator’, further strengthening the talent training between colleges and high school.


In order to set a platform for students to exchange their ideas in the summer camp of I am a creator, invited Mr. Xiaohui Zhao specially who is the director and design knowledge officer of design center in NetDragon. Moreover, it is also invited Mrs. Shaoqing Huang, Secretary General of Fujian Haixi Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation and Fujian Youth Entrepreneurship Promotion Association, to attend as a lecturer, combining her rich experience and excellence in creative thinking. Meanwhile, through visiting the environmental facilities of Newhuadu Business School, students are guided to digest the understanding of the concept of creativity and innovation, and then inspire design concepts.


During the ceremony, Dean Lin Lin said that Newhuadu Business School will continue to deepen the educational research of ‘innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity’, and then cultivate talent with ‘innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity’ in the future. In particular, the talent will possess foundational knowledge, wide caliber, high quality and strong capability to meet the demand of economic and social development. Through scientific optimization of talent training program, we concentrate on the strength of practical teaching, curriculum construction, practical teaching, which is carrying out the second classroom and exploring training mode with the enterprise and school. Furthermore, we also were expanding international exchange and cooperation and other measures to provide fertile ground for the growth of top innovative talents.

In addition, NBS will continue to launch systematic and modular curriculum, strived to make summer camp’s activities have a long-term mechanism to enter into the high schools, even deepen the social service content of colleges and universities. It is also strengthen the function of social service in colleges and universities, leads to contribute special power for the cultivation of young student’s creative thinking.

【News Link】Recently, the education mode of ‘innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity’ has been concerned by the majority of educators, and constantly changing the content and mode of traditional innovation and entrepreneurship. Based on student’s knowledge, skills, paths and methods, the completion of a project or product as teaching orientation, thus students can participate in the real projects and products. Meanwhile we need to actively adjust the existing structure and entrepreneurship education, take excellence creation as the basic starting point and foothold, which is continuously promote the organic integration of innovation, entrepreneurship to form a joint force of education.