The Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ritual of Newhuadu Business School were successfully held in 2019

At 9:00 a.m., on 23rd June, the 2019 graduation degree awarding ritual of Newhuadu Business School was solemnly held at the NBS’s global visual communication center.

During the ceremony, the Vice Chairman of Minjiang University, Mr. Fashu Chen (Chairman of Fashu Charity Foundation and Chairman of Newhuadu real Industrial Group), Mr. Daiqin He (Secretary of the Party Committee of Minjiang University), Prof. Zonghua Wang (President of Minjiang University), Prof. Chunhua Chen (Chairman of Newhuadu Business School and President of BiMBA Business School of National School of Development), Mr. Zhiguo Jin (General Secretary of Fashu Charity Foundation in Fujian Province, Mrs. Changqin Ye (Director of Fujian Fashu Charity Foundation and Office of Newhuadu Group), Mr. Changchuan Changchuan (Executive President of Newhuadu shopping plaza), Prof. Lin Lin (Dean of Newhuadu Business School), Prof. Xianbin Wang (Vice-Dean of Newhuadu Business School), and more than 100 guests from Fujian Fashu Charity Foundation, faculty members, graduates and their relatives and friends attended the ceremony. The Sectary of Party Committee of Newhuadu Business School, Ling Tang, was presided over the ceremony.

Before the officially beginning, the big screen showed the graduation videos produced by the Bachelor and iMBA graduates. Those familiar scenes record graduate’s learning process and graduate’s learning process and growth marks in Newhuadu Business School, sincerely express graduates’ gratitude to their alma mater. When their looked at the video, Secretary, Dean, Professors, and Tutor, all familiar faces appeared on the screen in surprise, from the classroom to their daily life, which is earnestly entrusted with way ahead and the distance, hoping that graduates all have dream more powerful, brave social responsibility, to be the pillar of the country.

Professor Chunhua Chen, Chairman of Newhuadu Business School and Dean of BiMBA Business School of National School of Development gave the speech in the ceremony. Based on the characteristics of the present era, she pointed out that ‘leadership skills are no longer exclusive to individuals with designated leadership roles, which is should become the necessary skills of each member in the organization’, and then she concentrated on five elements, such as aesthetic sense, openness, internal determination, empathy and speculation to decode the leadership.
At the ceremony, Xianbin Wang, Vice President read out the overall situation on awards of bachelor degree, master degree in 2019, and then displayed the list of outstanding graduates in 2019.

Subsequently, Mr. Fashu Chen, Secretary Daiqin He, President Zonghua Wang, and Board Chairperson Chunhua Chen presented graduate certificates to graduates and trophies to outstanding graduates.

During the Ceremony, grade 2015 Bachelor Graduates, Lei Fu, appreciated to her alma mater, recalled and shared the growth and harvest of her four-year study and daily life. In particular, she also appreciated on Mr. Fashu Chen’s charitable deeds and careful cultivation. Meanwhile, we would like to encourage all graduates to say goodbyes to our alma mater and start their new journey of like with confidence and smile. We hope that we can remember our gratitude and spread strength of our alma mater to the worldwide places. 

On behalf of Li Zhengchao who graduated in 2016 MBA program. He presented that I would like to share with you the experience and harvest of my MBA career in the past three years. Three years ago, students stepped on the waves of Minjiang River, singing song of Qishan, and then stepped into the school gate in the motto of advocating perfection and pursuing excellence. In these three years, we following the spirit of Fujian businessmen, which is patriotism, homeopathy, love to win and give back to society. It is gained many unforgettable memories in Newhuadu Business School. Recently, all the graduates will take the harvest of the past three years in Xinhua University of Commerce and go forward without fear of the storm.

Professor Wu Xiangyou, the teacher's representative, firstly congratulated all graduates. Over the past few years, I am glad to see that my classmates are making progress at all times and have been promoted in knowledge, ability, vision and mind. On the occasion of farewell, four life experiences are finally sent to the students for mutual admonishment and encouragement: always feeling grateful, often a journey of gratitude;to really grasp the solid work, do it immediately.

Dean Lin Lin sent his farewell wishes to all graduates, and he expressed whether it is sunny or rainy in your future, your life time will be irreplaceable and unique. In the encounter of Newhuadu Business School, the college did its best to satisfy the student’s demand for knowledge exploration, and provided guidance and practical opportunities in various professional directions. I hope that all of these will really short the distance between students and their dreams, and then strength and support for students to move towards the future. Whether they want to continue their studies or enter the society in the future, they all hope that they can make every choice of life well - to achieve the ultimate goal with enthusiasm, to learn to calculate time efficiently, and to define their own success, so as to achieve self-realization, and to meet and happily face every hurdle in life.

The turning of the tassel ceremony symbolizes that graduates have achieved and completed, which is presents they can spread their wings and fly to higher and farther places to boldly pursue their dreams. From right to left, the simple action of turning tassel is full of wishes and hopes for the bright future of graduates, and carries the precious university time and youth memories of graduates. At the end of the graduation ceremony, the graduates came to the stage one by one, accepting President Zonghua Wang, Broad Chairman Chunhua Chen, Dean Lin Lin and Vice-Dean Xianbin Wang as their crowns.

At the ceremony, the representatives of the 2019th undergraduate students recited the article, My University, which is affectionately expressing the aspiration of the 2019th graduates to remember their alma mater.

Thanks to Mr. Fashu Chen’s charity and education. In addition, under the graduation ceremony, representatives of graduate presented souvenirs to Mr. Fashu Chen to express their gratitude and good wishes.

The graduation ceremony culminated in Mr. Fashu Chen’s speech. Deeply, Mr.Fashu Chen repeated and shared his experience of entrepreneurship, investment and philanthropy. Meanwhile, he also reminded students that no matter what they do, they should learn to persevere, learn to absorb the power of progress in setbacks, whether in learning, life or entrepreneurship. They should be honest and trustworthy, hoping that students can continue to enrich their theoretical basis and enrich it. Importantly, using practical experience contributes to China in the 21st century.

We are students of Minjiang River, and we are the pride of Qishan, knowledgeable and thoughtful for excellence, blending Chinese and leading success in both Eastern and Western areas.

At the foot of the Qishan Mountain, near the lake, singing a song to say goodbye. The song of  ‘Song of Minjiang Students’, with a voice of ‘We graduated’, makes students of Newhuadu Business School of Minjiang University stand more upright at a new starting point in their life. Here I wish all graduates possess great ambition, with their knowledge gained in their alma mater, to contribute their new strength to the community, down-to-earth, work hard and contribute to the construction of the motherland!