On building a business ecosystem of county level e-commerce companies: An adaptive structuration perspective

Time: 8rd May 2019

Location: B401, meeting room, Newhuadu Business School

Guest: Dr. Xiaoshan Yang

The purpose of this study is to explore how e-commerce companies utilize platform technology and engage stakeholders to build a business ecosystem. A multiple case study method is adopted and four successful county-level e-commerce companies are examined. Six main themes are identified from the discussion of four cases as platform technology, internal and external factors, e-commerce strategy, managerial activities, outcomes, and new business ecosystem. Through investigating from an adaptive structuration perspective, this study proposes a conceptual framework associated with six sets of propositions. This study contributes to theory development through extending and enriching adaptive structuration theory to an inter-organizational focus in e-commerce business context. We provide an adaptive structuration perspective to explore the e-commerce on building a business ecosystem. The proposed conceptual framework provides potential guidelines for companies to design and implement their e-commerce business.