Regional Finance and Innovation Research Center


The study directions of the Regional Financial Research Center include inter-regional financial integration, the impact of government effectiveness on financial industry, financial cooperation with Taiwan and development of West Coast Economic Zone.

With the vast territory, there are giant different in culture, economy, policy and development pattern between each region of China. This characteristic dedicates an advantage to Regional Financial Research. In the recent years, regional finance is discussed frequently as a hot topic in international academia. Regional finance proposes to explores the effectiveness of local governments, soundness of financial systems (such as banks), and how capital costs, investment efficiency, and business performance of local companies be affected by economic development. However, most of Chinese research in the field of regional finance only focus on the development of regional economy but not the whole financial system.

Since the reform and opening began, the differences in economic development between coastal and inland areas became more and more significant. The reasons which caused the difference are not only the government's policies but also the soundness of the whole financial system. The effectiveness of local government plays an important role in regional development. More transparency and effectiveness local government are, foreign enterprises will be more likely to enter and improve the function of financial system in this market. It would be help to reduce the economic cost of local enterprises and improve their performance. In addition, the cooperation and integration of inter-regional financial system has obvious benefits to inter-regional trade and economic development. Minjiang university Located in Fuzhou, a key city of West Coast Economic Zone and an important place of the Maritime Silk Road. This location will bring a large advantage to the study of regional finance. Responds to the “One Belt and One Road” Strategy, Minjiang university will take Cross-Strait Economic Zone as the main study orientation and propose to develop some valuable advices in Cross-Strait Economic Zone.

Researching topics:

1. Inter-regional financial integration

2. The impact of local government effectiveness on finance and industry

3. Financial cooperation between the China and Taiwan and the development of West Coast Economic Zone

Study results:

1. 文化差异,制度差异与全球500强外资企业在中国的绩效。(工作中论文) 郭念枝 杜化宇

2. Monetary policy transmission effectiveness and distance puzzle. (working paper) Nianzhi Guo and Anthony H. Tu

3. Stock market synchronization and institutional distance. (working paper) Nianzhi Guo and Anthony H. Tu

4. Fear spillover effect and country transparency. (working paper) Nianzhi Guo and Anthony H. Tu

5. Fear spillover effect and country risk characteristics. (working paper) Nianzhi Guo and Anthony H. Tu