Internet Innovation Research Center


The Internet Innovation Research Center of Minjiang University (Fujian Universities Characteristic New Think Tank, Fujian Universities Humanities and Social Sciences Research Base and Fuzhou Digital Health Industry Technology Innovation Center) has an interdisciplinary research system integrated by Industry-University-Research Collaboration, which is established for the major needs of the industry. The research center has integrated two disciplines of Minjiang University, Management and Economics, and absorbed good-quality resources of five first-level disciplines to carry out Internet innovation research, including Management Science and Engineering, Applied Economics, Business Administration, Computer Science and Technology, Journalism and Communication. Under the guidance of the Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Xiamen University, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Poland Opole University of Technology, Taiwan National Chi Nan University, Taiwan Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan Chinese Culture University, etc., the research center has established a team of doctors and professors from various disciplines across the Taiwan Straits. Having courage to innovate, persisting in studying the Internet for more than ten years, continuing to focus on industry hotspots, and working on smart cities, Internet finance, digital health, and new media communications, the research center provides intellectual support and advice to local governments and enterprises at all levels, and plays the role as a think tank for suggestions.

Researching topics:

1. Rural e-commerce

2. Cross-border e-commerce

3. Smart health

Research Achievement:

There are 176 academic papers, including 7 in SCI, 22 in EI, 31 in core journals; 3 monographs, and 2 editions; 18 patents, including 4 invention patents, 7 utility model patents, 5 design patents and 2 computer software copyrights; 214 projects, including 6 national level items, 35 provincial and ministerial level items, 75 city hall level items, 68 school level items and 30 horizontal projects; 64 awards, including 20 national level items and 27 provincial level items; 24 lectures; 66 academic conferences; 28 conference papers; 27 training sessions.

Academic Committee:

Director:Peng Lifang (Professor, Xiamen University)

Member:Huang Zhangshu (Professor, Fuzhou University)
              Lin Yi (Associate Professor, Fujian Normal University)
              Song Libin (Co-founder of Fuzhou Kangwei Internet Technology Co., Ltd.)
             Dong Shi (General Manager of Fujian Weishang Information Technology Co., Ltd.)

Foreign Academic Committee:

Janusz Wielki (Professor, Dean of Management School, Opole University of Technology, Poland)
        Rosni Abdullah (Professor, National Advanced IPv6 Project, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia)
        Ramayah Thurasamy (Professor, Expert of Science and Technology Management, Management School, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia)

Chief Expert:

Lin Lin is currently Dean of Newhuadu Business School. Dr. Lin Lin specializes in corporate finance and strategy. Before graduating from the University of London (U.K.), he started to work as an investment strategist in a London-based conglomerate company in charge of cross-border merger and acquisition (M&A) projects between Europe and Asia. He then joint Temima Group in the millennium for the development of investment banking business as a financier and venture capitalist. Due to family reasons, Dr. Lin decided to return home and taught at the National Chi Nan University, at the same time continuing the corporate consultancy businesses in Taiwan and China. He became an associate professor and appointed to be the chairperson of the Department of Banking and Finance in 2005, then got full professorship and the director of the EMBA programmes in 2009. Dr. Lin has been awarded for his excellence in research & academic performance, and then elected to be the dean of the College of Management, National Chi Nan University (Taiwan) in 2010. He was also awarded as one of Top Talents with Outstanding Achievements by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan for many years. After finishing his terms of deanship, Dr. Lin chose to work for the Newhuadu Business School of Ming Jiang University (China) as the dean in 2018 to lead a series of “being-better” works. He is still active in various local/international leading academic societies as director, and international journals as editors.

Director of the Center:

Lin Zhongyan, professor, female, born in June 1969, Quanzhou, Fujian, Director of the Scientific Research Department of Minjiang University, Advanced Individual of National Returned Overseas Chinese, Head of Fujian Universities Characteristic New Think Tank, Director of the Internet Innovation Research Center of Minjiang University. She used to be the executive vice president of the Strait College of Minjiang University and the deputy director of the Department of Management of Minjiang University. She is currently the director of the Internet Innovation Research Center of Fujian Universities Humanities and Social Sciences Research Base and Fuzhou Digital Health Industry Technology Innovation Center. She is also the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the Fujian Province E-Commerce Promotion Association, Vice President of Fujian Province Macroeconomics Association, Science and Technology Expert of Ministry of Science and Technology, E-commerce Expert of State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and Expert of Fuzhou Network Security.

Deputy Director of the Center:

Tang Jinquan, Li Zuoyong, Chen Chengdong, Lin Wen, Zheng Dachuan, Dai Cheng

Contact Information:

        Office Director: Dai Liyan
        Address: A212, Newhuadu Business School, Minjiang University, 200 Xiyuangong Road, Shangjie Town, Minhou County, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
        Contact email: