Professor of New-huadu Business School

Chief Economist, New-huadu Industrial Group

Biographical details

Professor, NBS and Chief Economist, Newhuadu Industrial Group; previously, deputy division director, division director and director, Department of Comprehensive Statistics of National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Chief Economist and Spokesman, Deputy Director and Director, NBS; member of the 10th National Committee of CPPCC, and vice chairman of All-China Federation of Youth, Federation of Youth of State Organs and Beijing Municipal Federation of Youth; honored with the title of National Advanced Worker by the State Council in October 1989; more than 400 papers of economic statistics pushed on Chinese renowned journals successively since 1982; New Consideration of Chinese Economy and other monographs; honored as the renowned economist in China and as “Mr. Figure” of China by the World Bank.

Education and experience

B.Ec, Xiamen University

Master and Doctor, Beijing Normal University

Main research areas

Macroeconomic and comprehensive statistics, Chinese economic reform and development

Teaching field

Enterprise risk management, international finance, management economics and macroeconomics

Published works

New Consideration of Chinese Economy, China Finance and Economics Publishing House, 2008

Business Economics, China Statistics Press, 2003