Professor of New-huadu Business School
Visiting Scholar of Risk Investment Research Centre, School of Economics at Fudan University
Ph.D. in Economics, Department of Statistics, School of Economics, Xiamen University

Biographical details

Pan,Changfeng is a professor and master advisors in Newhuadu Business School. He is director of Research Center for fiscal and financial development in HaiXi , humanities and social science base of Fujian Education Department , vice president of the Haixi branch of China Industrial Development Research Institute. A visiting scholar at the center for venture capital research at the School of economics, Fudan University., He is master advisors of  the School of economics and management,Minjiang University, the School of economics and management,Fuzhou University , Department of statistics ,School of economics, Xiamen University. He worked in a bank, enterprise, guarantee and venture capital for more than 20 years and served as an executive. He is also executive director and Deputy Secretary General of Fujian securities Economic Research Association, director and Deputy Secretary General of Fujian Internet Finance Association, director of Fujian Finance Association, Fujian. The Ministry of science and technology SME innovation fund, Fujian provincial science and Technology Department innovation fund, Fujian provincial credit commission project fund evaluation expert, Fujian provincial organization assessment expert.

Education and experience

Bachelor of Science(1979-1983) in The PLA Luoyang Institute of foreign languages
Master of Science (1988-1991) in The PLA Information Engineering University
Ph.D (2003-2006) in Economic, the School of Economics, Xiamen University, China
visiting scholar (2009-2010)at the center for venture capital research at the School of Economics, Fudan University

Main research areas

Small and micro finance, venture capital and venture financing

Teaching field

Investment, Banking Management, Statistics, Entrepreneurship Education

Scholarly articles

1. Some suggestions to promote the development of Internet Finance in Fujian. Fujian Forum (Humanities and Social Science), 2017(05)
2. Analysis and Prospect of non credit asset business development of commercial banks. Journal of Fujian finance, 2017(02)
3. The prevention and resolution of the debt risk of the local government financing platform. Journal of Minjiang  University , 2016(01)
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20. How to deal with intercepts and trends in cointegration analysis. The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics, 2004(01)

Published works

1. Real estate investment decision from the perspective of real options, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics press. 2011.03
2. Case Study  for Small and Medium  Taiwanese Enterprise in China, College of management,Shih Chien University press , 2011.10