Professor of New-huadu Business School
Ph.D. in Economics, Xiamen University

Biographical details

Wu,Xiangyou; Director of the Insurance Institute of China; more than 30 papers published on different academic journals at different levels and nearly 10 provincial and departmental research projects undertaken and completed.

Education and experience

M.Ec., Chongqing University
Ph.D in Economics, Xiamen University

Main research areas

Risk management, insurance, and social security, including risk measurement, risk transfer valuation, venture derivatives and financial risk management

Teaching field

Economics, risk management and insurance

Academic achievement

2006 Outstanding Youth Paper Award of Chongqing University of Technology and Business;
Annual Outstanding Paper Award of the Insurance Institute of China since 2010.

Scholarly articles

1. “A Theoretical Interpretation of Insurance VAT in New Zealand: On Insurance Standard Product”, Taxation and Economy (CSSCI journal), 2011 (6);
2. “Satisfaction Measurement of Insurance Bilingual Teaching based on SEM Model”, Financial Education Research, 2012 (2);
3. “Expansion of Insurability and Development of Insurance”, Journal of Southwest University of Science and Technology (Social Sciences),2012 (3).

Published works

MPA teaching material, “Public Health Administration” (with others), 2003