Professor of New-huadu Business School
Ph.D. in Management, Fuzhou University

Biographical details

Professor Geng,Qingfeng was born in Jining city in northern China’s Shandong province on February 1977. Having received his PhD in Management Science and Engineering (Financial Engineering) in 2014, he is now a professor of NBS. He also received the outstanding talents of the “Yudu Scholars” of Minjiang College in 2017 (Class A top talents). Currently, he is graduate tutor in both Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University and Minjiang University. He also served as director of the finance department of the school of economics and management in Minjiang University. Apart from his teaching responsibilities, Prof. Geng has memberships in Fujian Securities Research and Fujian Commercial Economical Society, and peer reviews a number of influential journals. He also serves on the review board of Fujian Occupational Skill Certifying Committee, and is a regular economic commentator at the local TV channel. From September 2015 to June 2016, he was a senior academic visiting scholar at Xiamen University, From September 2018 to September 2019,he is a senior academic visiting scholar at the university of York(The United Kingdom)

Education and experience

2001: B.A. in Management, School of Economy and Management, Northeast Petroleum University;

2004: M.A. in Management, School of Management, Fuzhou University;

2014: PhD in Management(Financial Engineering), School of Economy and Management, Fuzhou University

Main research areas

Asset pricing and Risk Management, Inclusive Finance

Teaching field

Monetary Finance, Financial Market, Financial Engineering, International Finance

Academic achievement

1. 2008: Outstanding Research Awarded by CPC Youth League Fujian Committee and CBRC Fujian Office;
2. 2012: Second Prize in Excellent Academic Paper presented at the annual conference of Fujian Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences;
3. 2013: Third Prize in Excellent Academic Paper presented at the National Forum for Post-doctoral Research Fellows in Economics;
4. 2015:Excellent Award in Academic Publications in Minjiang University;
5. 2016:Third Prize in Social Science Research in Fujian (2013-2014);
6. 2016:Second Prize in Excellent Paper presented at the Forum on Supply-side Structural Reform and Economic Development in Fujian

Scholarly articles

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30. Analysis on Stock Price Volatility Factor of China's Electric Power Listed Company from Financial, Journal of Fujian Financial Management Cadre College, No.3,2018..

Published works

Study on the Stock Price Volatility and the Risk Measure in Growth Enterprise Market in China


1.2009 Excellence Award in Teaching Competition, Minjiang University;
2.2015 Excellent Coaching Award in the Second National Foreign Trading Skills Competition;
3.2016 Outstanding CPC Member awarded by College of Economy and Management;
4.2017 Outstanding Educator awarded by Fuzhou Education Department;
5.2018 Excellent Coaching Award in the Second National Foreign Trading Skills Competition;
6.2017 Excellent Coaching Award in Long-try Cup National Foreign Trade Simulation Contest and CCPIT Cup Exhibition Competition