Professor and Associate Dean of New-huadu Business School
Visiting Scholar of Columbia University
Ph.D. in Management, Xiamen University

Biographical details

Lin,Ping is a professor and master advisors in Newhuadu Business School. She received her bachelor degree from East China University of Science and Technology, in 1992, MBA degree from Xiamen University in 2003 and PHD in2008. She was a visiting scholar at Columbia University from2011-2012 and qualified as a professor at Newhuadu Business School. The courses she taught include strategic management(Bilingual Teaching), marketing (Bilingual Teaching) and organizational behavior.
She published more 30 papers at Science Research Management, Journal of Central South University and Journal of Shang Hai University etc. She participated one National Natural Science Foundation of China and 2 humanities and social science funds of Ministry of education, and hosted more than 10 Foundations at provincial and municipal level.

Education and experience

Bachelor(1988-1992), East China University of Science and Technology, China.
MBA(2000-2003), Xiamen University, China.
Ph.D(2005-2008), Xiamen University, China.

Main research areas

Strategic management、technological innovation、entrepreneurial ecosystem

Teaching field

Strategic management、marketing、organizational behavior

Scholarly articles

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Published works

1. Research on the Measurement and Effect of the Danamic Capabilities, Jilin People's Publishing House, 2011.
2. Case Study of Taiwan small and medium enterprise, The Practice University of Taiwan, 2011.
3. Marketing, Peking University's Publishing House, 2012