Professor of New-huadu Business School
Ph.D. in management, Huaqiao University

Biographical details

Tang,Jinquan: professor of NewHuaDu Business School, PhD in Management, expert member of Fujian Electronic Commerce Association, entrepreneurship mentor of The Youth Business Association of Fuzhou, expert member of Fuzhou Chamber of E-Commerce,deputy director of E-Commerce Academic Committee of Fujian Business Economics Research Institute, director of E-commerce Research Center of Minjiang University Internet Innovation Research Institute, deputy chairman of Taijiang District of China Democratic National Construction Association Fuzhou Committee, member of the 9thPeople’s Political Consultative Conference of Taijiang District, Fuzhou City.
Published more than 30 papers as first author, including five in core journals, such as Southeast Academic Research and Modernization of Management, one in EI (Engineering Index). The viewpoint of one article was excerpted and selected into the Collection of Articles by Xinhua Wenzhai. Hosted five projects at different levels. Engaged in theoretical research and practical work concerning enterprise management and e-commerce for a long term. Provided service including strategic planning, management information system establishment and e-commerce platform construction for number of enterprises in Fuzhou, Xiamen and Quanzhou.

Education and experience

Bachelor of Economy, major in Investment Economics, Management Faculty, Fuzhou University
Master of Management, major in E-Commerce, Management Faculty, Xiamen University
PhD in Management, major in Business Administration, Management Faculty, Huaqiao University

Main research areas

E-Commerce, Knowledge and Knowledge Innovation Management

Teaching field

Management Information System, E-Commerce

Academic achievement

1.Soft science planning project(2013R0082)of Science and Technology Department of Fujian Province. Research on operation model of production and research innovation alliance, evaluation indicators and promotion measures,2013-2014(35 thousand RMB funding)
2. The Education Department of Fujian Province (JA09200S). Knowledge innovation research on industrial cluster enterprise knowledge alliance, 2009-2011 (15 thousand RMB funding)
3. Horizontal project of publicity department of the CPC Fuzhou Committee: explore the examination and evaluation system for Fuzhou state-owned cultural enterprise to achieve the unified “two benefits”, 2017.07-2017.12 (30 thousand RMB)
4.Social science project of Education Department of Fujian, development strategy of e-commerce enterprises in Fujian from the perspective of knowledge transfer, 2017.07-2018.07 (30 thousand RMB)
5. Humanity, social and science research base project of Fujian Universities: performance research on automatic medical knowledge sharing and innovation, based on big data, 2017-06-2018.06 (20 thousand RMB)

Scholarly articles

1. Tang,Jinquan , Theoretical Framework of Relationship Quality Dynamic Management in Cooperative Development of Enterprises [J]. Southeast Academic Research,2014.09 The viewpoint was excerpted by Xinhua Wenzhai, 2014(23), and selected into the Collection of Articles, Xinhua Wenzhai,2015 (1).
2.Tang,Jinquan,The Relationship Between Internationalization of Small and Medium-sized High-tech Enterprise and Enterprise Performance-Based on the Empirical Research of Fuzhou Hi-tech Zone [J]. Science and Technology Management Research, 2015.01.
3.Tang,Jinquan, Research on Technology Transfer Ability of Transnational Corporations Influencing Technology Acquisition of International Joint Venture [J].Journal of Fujian Normal University (Philosophy and Social Science Edition), 37-42,2013(5).
4.Tang,Jinquan, Analysis of Internet Planning Management Factors Influencing R&D Alliance and Enterprise Innovation Performance [J].Modernization of Management, 118-121, 2012 (5).
5.Tang,Jinquan, Relationship Examination of the Absorptive Capacity of Enterprise Promoting the Effect of Technology Transfer In Technology Cooperation [J].Journal of Intelligence,200-205, Vol 31,2012(7).

Published works

1.Tang,Jinquan, Research on Industrial Cluster Enterprise Knowledge Alliance[M]. Beijing: Economic Science Press, 300,000 words, December,2013.
1.Co-author: E-Commerce: Intelligent Society[M].Shanghai:Shanghai University Press, wrote 60,000 words among total 450,000 words, November, 2011.
2. Co-author: Introduction to E-Commerce [M]. Shanghai:Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Press,wrote 60,000 words among total 400,000 words, May,2007.