Professor of New-huadu Business School
Ph.D. in Management, Tongji University

Biographical details

Dr. Qiu,Shoufeng is a Full Professor at the Newhuadu Business School (NBS) of Minjiang University. Prior to joining NBS, Dr. Shoufeng was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Economy and Finance of Minjiang University (2007-2010) and a Sales Executive in Xiamen XGMA Machinery Co., Ltd (1995-2001). He was an Associate Professor at NBS over 2010-2016 and a Visiting Scholar at Northeastern University, USA, over 2013-2014.

Education and experience

PhD, Management Science and Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, 2007

M.S, Management Science and Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, 2004

B.Tech, Industrial Engineering and Management, Jilin University of Technology, Changchun, 1995

Main research areas

Energy Economics, Ecological Economics, Circular Economy

Teaching field

Management, Appled Statistics, Entrepreneurship

Academic achievement

[1] Second Prize, The Tenth Social Science Outstanding Achievement  Award of Fujian Province , Dec. , 2013
[2] Third Prize, The Eighth Social Science Outstanding Achievement  Award of Fuzhou City , May, 2013
[3] Third Prize, “100 Suggestions for Developing the Western Coastal Area of Taiwan Strait” of Fujian Social Sciences Union, May, 2011
[4] Second prize, The Sixth Decision-making and Consultation Research Achievement Award of Shanghai (No. 4 of the authors), Jun., 2007

Scholarly articles

Selected Journal Articles    
[1] Qiu,Shoufeng, Lin,Shan, Wang,Ku. Economic Analysis on the  Photovoltaic Industry in Fujian during the 13th Five-Year-Plan Period. Fujian Forum (Humanities and Social Science), 2016, (03): 164-169.
[2] Qiu,Shoufeng, Chen,Qiaoyan. Economic Effect of subsidy policies of distributed photovoltaics in China. Price: Theory& Practice, 2016, (08): 93-96.
[3] Qiu,Shoufeng, Sanchari Ghosh. Economic analysis of supporting policies for residential solar PV in MA, USA - A case from Boston.Advances in Power and Energy Engineering - Proceedings of The 8th Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference (APPEEC 2016): 7-15 .
[4] Qiu,Shoufeng, Matthias Ruth, Sanchari Ghosh. Evacuated tube collectors: A notable driver behind the solar water heater industry in China. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2015, Vol. 47: 580-588.
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[15] Zhu,Dajian and Qiu,Shoufeng. Status Quo of City Marketing Research and Future Approaches for Breaking Through.Tongji University Journal of Social Science Section, 2005, Vol. 16 (1): 66-70 .

Published works

[1] Qiu,Shoufeng. Calculation of Fujian’S Ecological Footprint. Tongji University Press, 2012.
[2] Qiu,Shoufeng. Methods for Circular Economy Planning. Tongji University Press, 2009.
[3] Qiu,Shoufeng. Chapter 5, Circular Economy and Sustainable Development in China. Dajian Zhu. Science Press, 2007.


Selected Research Projects
[1] Subsidy Polies of Distributed Photovoltaics in Fujian basedon Economic Anlysis (FJKX-B1527), Fujian Science and Technology Association, 2015.07-2016.03.
[2] Eco-efficiency of Fujian Proviency (No. 2009B067), Fujian Social Sciences Union, 2009.08-2010.08.
[3] Matching between the Carrying Capacity of Resource and Environment and the Mid- and Long-Term Economic Development in Fujian (No. 2008R0055), Fujian Science and Technology Department, 2008.08-2010.12.
[4] Development of Circular Economy in the Western Coastal Area of Taiwan Stait based on Eco-efficiency (No. JA07185S), Fujian Provincial Education Department, 2007.09-2008.12
[5] Theory and Empirical Study on Development of Urban Circular Economy based on Eco-efficiency (No. 2006ECK002), Shanghai,Social Sciences Union, 2006.09-2007.03.
[1] Advanced Worker in Fuzhou Education System , 2016.
[2] Advanced Individual of Scientific Research at Min Jiang University , 2010.