Professor of New-huadu Business School
Visiting Scholar of Peking University
Master of Management (Corporate Study), Xiamen University

Biographical details

Born in 1967, Chen,Xiuqi started to be a teacher of business administration from 1990.  He is also an expert committee member of Fujian Quality Management Association and one of the first Certification Auditors registered for Fujian Government Quality Awards. Totally he has worked as the head of management consulting groups for more than 20 companies.

Education and experience

Bachelor’s Degree: Business Economy, Yangzhou Normal University, 1990;
Master’s Degree: Business Management, Xiamen University, 2004.

Main research areas

Operation Management; Excellent Performance Management.

Teaching field

Operation Management; E-business Logistics Management; Start-up Business Growth Management, etc.

Academic achievement

MBA supervisor, presiding over more than 10 cooperative projects between colleges and enterprises.

Scholarly articles

Published more than 10 papers, including some in CSSCI source journals.

Published works

Chief editor of many textbooks for college students, such as E-business Logistics Management, etc.