Assistant proffesor, NBS

Biographical details

Assistant Professor,Ph.D. of Management,Certified Public Accountant,Certified Internal Accountant,Intermediate Accountant. I have full-time work experience in large enterprise groups and part-time audit experience in accounting firms.  

Education and experience

Bachelor of Management, Department of Accounting, Xiamen University;
Master of Management, Department of Accounting, Xiamen University;
Ph.D. of Management, Department of Accounting, Xiamen University.

Main research areas

Financial Accounting, Capital Markets Research in Accounting, Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance.

Teaching field

Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting and Financial Management

Scholarly articles

1. Feng Liu, Hui Lin and Huiying Wu, Political Connections and Firm Value in China: An Event Study, Journal of Business Ethics, forthcoming
2. Hui Lin, Charles Y Hsu and Feng Liu. 2016. An Empirical Study on Framing Effects in China's Capital Market. Economic Research Journal, 12:161-175
3. Feng Liu and Hui Lin. 2015. International Accounting Standard: Accounting or Standard. Journal of Xiamen University (Arts & Social Sciences), 6:10-20
4. Hui Lin. 2014. Economic Consequences of Fair Value and Enterprises’ Choices. Modern Management Science,2:109-111