Professor of Newhuadu Business School
Official of Fuzhou city of the 15th Standing Committee of the National People's Congress
Ph.D. in Management, Euromed Marseille Ecole de Management
Post Doctor in Management,  Fuzhou University

Biographical details

Dr Yunjian Zheng is the Advisor of Master Students at New Huadu Business School, the part-time Professor at Fujian Institute of Public Administration, Fujian Provincial Committee Party School of the Communist Party of China, and the guest Professor at Capital Normal University in Beijing; He was awarded the Outstanding Talent in software category in Fujian, and was recognized as the Excellent Talent in Fuzhou; He also serves as a member of the standing committee of the 15th National People's Congress in Fuzhou, member of National People's Congress Financial and Economic Affairs Committee, the vice chairman of Fujian Software Industry Association, and the chairman of Fujian National Commercial Software co. LTD’s (stock code: 870011) Supervisory Board.

Education and experience

Ph.D. in Management at Euromed Marseille Ecole de Management
Post-doc Researcher at School of Economics and Management at Fuzhou University

Main research areas

Organizational Behavior and Strategic Management, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurial Innovation, Corporate Financing and Listing

Teaching field

Management Information System, Organizational Behavior, Enterprise Management Consulting and Business Diagnostics, Strategic Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Entrepreneurial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Academic achievement

Awarded the Outstanding Talent in Software Category by Fujian Provincial Government
Awarded the Excellent Talents Recognition in Fuzhou
Awarded the Fujian May 4th Youth Medal
Won the Fujian Young Entrepreneur Award

Scholarly articles

1.Zheng,Yunjian. A preliminary study in  the evolution and development of China’s real estate market management. Chinese Public Administration, 2017(9)
2.Zheng,Yunjian.Research on influence of innovation policies on enterprise enhancing its innovation competitive power——Mediation Model Based on Non Parameter Percentile.Journal of Minjiang University, 2017(4)
3.Zheng,Yunjian. Exploring new paradigm of value creation in sharing economy -- The value network perspective. Modern Management Science, 2017(8)
4.Zheng,Yunjian. The Influence of Accessibility of Urban Rail Transit on Prices of Second-hand Houses -- An Empirical Analysis based on the Threshold Model. Fujian Tribune (The Humanities & Social Sciences Bimonthly), 2017(6)
5.Zheng,Yunjian.Study on innovation effect of industry spanning in Chinese OFDI. Journal of Fuzhou University, 2017(5)
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7.Zheng,Yunjian. A study on the sales performance and driving factors of product diversification strategy in e-commerce market. Journal of Beijing Jiaotong University, 2016(4)
8. Zheng,Yunjian. The Research on Application of Modern Information Technology in Energy Supply Chain Quality Management. 2015.9
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10.Zheng,Yunjian. The strategic environment and countermeasure analysis for the implementation of Fuzhou’s intellectual property policy. Business Culture, 2012(2)
11.Zheng,Yunjian. Some thoughts on development of creative industries in Fuzhou. Management Observer, 2012(5)

Published works

1.A Study in the Factors Influencing Real Estate Transaction Prices, Encyclopedia of China Publishing House, 2017, the first author
2.Participated in the translation of Management (13th Edition) Learning Guidance which was written by Stephen·Robbins.China Renmin University Press ,2017
3.Participated in the translation of Management (13th Edition) which was written by Stephen·Robbins. China Renmin University Press , 2017