Minjiang Tribune & Newhuadu Auditorium: Corporate governance Reform and Family Governance Performance

Time: 27th March 2019

Location: A302, Academic Building, Newhuadu Business School

Guest: Professor Yongzhi Lian (International Enterprise, Taiwan University)

Researching area: The Strategy of International Market Entry, Multinational Integrate Marketing, Corporation Group Governance

Abstract: Companies rely on specific governance mechanisms to confirm operating performance. From the perspective of institutional theory, the performance of specific governance mechanisms will be impacted by institutional elements of outside environment. Nevertheless, these institutions are changeable. Mechanisms of corporate governance will be changed when institutions are varying. Based on Taiwan’s listed companies, samples will test whether the family governance model will be affected with the change of institutional environment. As a consequence, the result displays that more complete the outside corporate governance mechanisms, the lower the governance benefit of family shareholder. Meanwhile, it is emphasised that mechanisms help to strengthen the benefits of cross-organisational cooperation and improve benefits of institutional investors. This study demonstrates that the effect of family governance models will be replaced by external governance institutions in the emergent market, and then supporting the view of institutional theory.