Professor Chen NianDong’s Views

1.The Study on the Management of the Corporation Financial Risk

Corporation financial risk exists in all parts of finance management, and corporation financial decisions are made under the circumstances full of crisis, especially under the imperfectly developed market-oriented economy in China. Chinese corporation financial risk is consisted of the fund raising risk, the investment risk, the fund transport business risk and the income assignment risk. We should establish the discerning system and the effective risk processing mechanism of enterprise finance risk, perfect risk management organization, and guard against the enterprise finance risk further.

2.On the path of the county E-commerce development — Taking Liancheng County in Fujian for example

E-commerce county has been increasingly valued as a new growth point. Take Liancheng County for example, the advantages of Liancheng County include unique advantages of traffic, sound infrastructure and unique agricultural resources, improving policies and systems. However, there are also several problems such as shortage of E-commerce talents, weak E-commerce awareness, incomplete E-commerce supporting services and policies,and imperfect circulation system of agricultural product. Some challenges involve difficulties in breaking cold chain logistics of agricultural products,bottleneck in building standardization system of agricultural products,and lack of strategic thinking of the brand of agricultural products. Dr. Chen pointed out that the development of county E-commerce should construct six major support systems and lead the construction of six major demonstration projects.Only in this way,can it be cultivated as a new engine of economic growth in the county.

3.Standardization of village financial management

Village finance has always been the difficulty in rural affairs, and been the farmers’ focus. Well handling village financial management plays an active role in stabilizing rural areas and promoting development of all parts of rural facilities. The problems in village financial management and their causes should be analyzed, and the countermeasures to improve it should be proposed.

4.Private Forest Direct Subsidy Scheme and Calculating——Based on Chinese Fir in Fujian Nanping

The aim of direct subsidies of private forest is through subsidies to correct the deviation caused by the market regulation, on the premise of relying on the market to play a basic role in resource allocation. He suggests that direct subsidies should be carried out according to sub-regional tree species. Because main factors affecting the economic benefits of forest culture and management, which amount of subsidies is different between required rate of return and the average rate of return on investment. Take the Chinese fir in Fujian Nanping Area as an example, calculating the amount of subsidies per hectare per year is about 54 Yuan.