Newhuadu Business School and University Sains Malaysia Signed a Joint Doctoral Training Cooperation Agreement

On 12rd May 2019, Lin Lin, Dean of Newhuadu Business School, leaded the delegation were invited to visit the School of Management of University Sains Malaysia. This visit was mainly aimed at that NBS agree to and signed joint programme for Doctor of Philosophy Degree and Minjiang University jointed World Inclusive Innovation and Sustainable Entrepreneurship (WIISE) Consortium.


Prof. Datuk Dr. Asma Ismail, FASc, Vice President of University Sains Malaysia, and Professor Dr. Noor Hazlina Ahmad, Dean of School of Management presented warmly and sincerely welcome to Dean Lin Lin and his delegation. In addition, Dean Hazlina said that the exchange and cooperation between University Sains Malaysia and Minjiang University already had a deep foundation. In November 2017, Minjiang University and University Sains Malaysia signed the strategic cooperation agreement (Memorandum of Understanding); In November 2018, Dr. Hooy Chee Wooi, Vice Dean of School of Management of University Sains Malaysia, was invited to attend the 60th anniversary celebration of Minjiang University, and then held in-depth discussions around specific articles of joint Ph.D. programme. After understanding the excellent scientific research achievements of Newhuadu Business School, University Sains Malaysia is determined to further cooperate with NBS. Recently, the signed agreement marks that two universities has entered into a substantive stage via joint educational programme of P.h.D.


Dean Lin Lin (Dean of Newhuadu Business School) also appreciated on University Sains Malaysia, and then he made a presentation of NBS. He introduced the developing process and advantages of Minjiang University; especially, presented NBS will maintain advantages of discipline construction and scientific research to promote exchanges and cooperation among faculties. Meanwhile, two universities will organize high-level academic activities jointly for the further improvement of faculty’s construction and higher quality of doctoral training.

Based on the equality, mutual benefit, complementary advantages and common development, USM and NBS concentrates on further optimized joint programme of doctoral degree, and signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). Deeply, the MOA specifies the admission requirements, fee structure, curriculum structure, graduation requirement and other procedures. Relate to the agreement, NBS and USM will carry out offshore programme for Doctor of Philosophy Degree. In addition, Ph.D. students will be trained under the guidance of both universities, and graduation will receive doctoral degree certification from University Sains Malaysia.


Entrusted by President Zonghua Wang, Dean Lin Lin also signed the agreement that Minjiang University will joint into World Inclusive Innovation and Sustainable Entrepreneurship (WIISE) Consortium, which is pushes deeper cooperative relations between two universities and promotes the ‘one belt and one way’ educational cooperation and exchange for higher talents’ cultivation. WIISE is global network of academic institutions of higher learning concerned with promoting the inclusive innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship in a proactive. This global network will offer programs, workshops, and certification to encourage knowledge sharing, knowledge dissemination, and knowledge co-creation. Other potential partners that have been approached to take part in the WIISE Consortium are academic institutions from Australia, Japan, Finland, Norway, Turkey, Iran, and China.

University Sains Malaysia (USM) is the top comprehensive research university in Malaysia, which ranks 207 in QS World University in 2019 and maintain top 50 Universities in Asia for many years. USM founded in 1969, it has three campuses: Main Campus, Engineering Campus and Medical Campus. Additionally, USM has 28 colleges and 26 research centers, which is possesses more than 30,000 undergraduates and postgraduates. In September 2008, University Sains Malaysia was listed as the only APEX University by Ministry of Education of Malaysia. The goal of APEX (Towards Excellence Program) is to promote USM to become a world-class university.

    Huang, shumin Liu,weisong/ Text