The Representative of University of Central Lancashire Visited NBS and Discussed Future Cooperation Intentions

On 4th April 2019, Ms. Xiaorong Wen, a senior international official of University of Central Lancashire visited New Huadu Business School and made a presentation for NBS’s students.


Ms. Wen concentrates on aspects of campus environment, subjects setting and overseas-study expense to systemic introduced the University of Central Lancashire, and then shared overseas-study experience to NBS’s students.


During the cooperation discussion, Dean Lin Lin first presented warmly welcome Ms. Xiaorong Wen to visit NBS. Subsequently, the bilateral representatives introduced the general college’s situations, and shared missions of colleges, orientations of talented training, settings of faculties, and achievements of foreign exchange in operating school. In addition, the meeting concentrated on areas of introduction of teaching resource, exchange of non-certificate program, and joint doctoral training with enthusiastic cooperation discussion. Both sides agreed to share academic outstanding for colleges’ developing, and expressed their desires to communicate and cooperate together in the future for high-quality talent training and mutual development.


[News link] The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) was founded in 1828, which is located in Preston, the capital of Lancashire Country, England. UCLan is a well-know British public university possesses over one hundred year’s history, and became one of eight universities with the most abundant teaching funds in Britain. UCLan has more than 120 global cooperative colleges and universities, with greater 3,000 international students coming from over 40 countries in the worldwide.

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