“Pursuing dreams in a New Era, and Struggling enter into a New Journey”, the broad-scale lecture of Min Merchants was held in Fuzhou City

On 7th April, in order to study and implement spirits of National ’Two Sessions’ and series of private enterprises’ development by General Secretary, Jinping Xi, under the guidance of Fujian Federation of Commerce & Industry, a series activities of Min merchants’ broad-scale lecture was held on schedule by NBS and Tsinghua PBCSF Finance EMBA in the Yuehua Hotel in Fuzhou City, which was concentrated on the theme of “Pursuing dreams in a New Era, and Struggling enter into a New Journey”


During the lecture, famous representatives of Min merchants, Mr. Fashu Chen, Mr. Tengjiao Lin, Mr. Jie Hong, and Mr. Jinan Cai made speeches, and then the Dean of National School of Development in BiMBA in Perking University associated with the chairman of NBS, Prof. Chunhua Chen to made thematic presentations, which were analysis the economic circumstance of China and entire world in 2019.


Moreover, the board chairman, Mr. Fashu Chen, gave a thematic speech that shared his experiences, secrets and results in the process of creative innovation, which was pushed private entrepreneurs to realize significances of the self-strength and self-judgement of enterprises in the fully competitive market.


Furthermore, Prof. Chunhua Chen as the chairman of Newhuadu Business School, concentrated on the growth model of Chinese domestic enterprises. She combined educational theory with practice of enterprises’ management, and then devoted herself to seek the joint point of managerial educations, enterprises, and consultancies. It is emphasized that the understanding of uncertainty of companies is not most significant, but the certainty is in 2019. Thus, we have to establish a long-term sense of the worth in the context of massive changes. It is also needed to remember that the long-term doctrine is only thing will transcend outside change, not opportunism.


On the spot of the lecture, the Learning Association of Min Merchants was officially launched by several well-known Fujian entrepreneurs, especially, Dean Lin Lin (The Dean of NBS), Mr. Lianjie Xu, Mr. Fashu Chen, Mr. Yuqun Zeng, and Mr. Shizhong Ding became first batch of mentors, and then attended the licensing ceremony, which were accepted appointment documents of mentor from Vice-Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Group of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, and President of Provincial Federation of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs.


For the future foundation and empowering enterprises, it is most significant that relying on the learning, because the learning is only way to strength enterprises and country. The purpose of this lecture is that assisting Min Merchants enhance capabilities of self-learning, self-educating, and self-improving. In addition, it is also helps merchants to adapt faster and develop stably in the new economic situation, via creates benefits in the new era, reinforces creative innovation, encourages struggle, and completes resource integration. Consequently, it is wish that Min Merchants would explore a unique developing way to complete win-win and multi-win results.