Newhuadu Business School gearing up for International Students

Today the Newhuadu Business School invite an officer from the Exit & Entry Administration Division of Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau to talk about the Exit & Entry Administration in China. The session was attended by all the iMBA students from 7 different countries.


During this session, the officer give a detailed introduction to the Chinese visa category, Accommodation Registration Card, process to maintain legal status and other miscellaneous important information. The International students are usually issued 2 kinds of visa that is the “X1” or “X2” visa depending upon the duration of the study. “X1” visa is issued to student whose study duration is more than six months and “X2” visa is issued to student whose study duration is less than six months. The Officer also provided pictorial presentation for reference to the students along with all the necessary information about the documents to be submitted at the time of applying for residence permit.

The Officer also help students understand how to maintain their legal status and avoid breaking any Chinese law. For this matter, Exit & Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China Article # 78 and Article # 80 were also discussed. In case an individual is found guilty; the student will be given a warning or a penalty will imposed as per the law.

In the conclusion, the session very clearly met all the objectives. It helped clear a lot of questions in the mind of the International students and the attendants had gained a significant insight about how the Exit & Entry Administration Department operates and the importance to abide by the Chinese Law.

The Officer warmly welcomed the International students quoting “Welcome to Fuzhou and having International Students makes Fuzhou more diversified and an international city.”