Institutional Reform and the Effects of Family Control on Corporate Governance

Minjiang University hosted one seminar presentation entitled “Institutional Reform and the Effects of Family Control on Corporate Governance” with Prof. Lean. The seminar took place on March 27, 2019 at 3:00pm in Room A302 of New Huadu Business School. Prof. Lean, a faculty member from the Department of International Business in Taiwan University, delivered an exceptional lecture regarding his research. The seminar brought over 100 student delegates to learn about major themes in the corporate governance followed by an opportunity for questions and answers (Q&A).


Prof. Lean brought a diverse background in corporate governance, having completed his Ph.D. in Management from the king's College, London, joined the Institute of International Economics in 2004 as a research assistant, in 2006 moved to the Department of Shipping Management in Taiwan Ocean University, where he served as Assistant Professor, before becoming Associated Professor in Department of International Enterprise in 2010. He has handled primary manuscripts and review articles across the corporate governance, corporate performance as well as foreign investment decisions. His work has been published in journals including the International Business Review, Family Business Review, Journal of Business Research, and the Management International Review.

Prof. Lien was very involved in seminar. He shared with our faculty and students information about Ph. D thesis writing. He provided advice on students at the graduate and undergraduate level. He explained what “Determinants for Corporate Governance: Institutional System”, which played a critical role in supplementing students’ education and research experience.

Prof. Lien introduced attendees to the impact of the changing external regulatory environment on the company, and analyzed the perspectives of the governance effect of family domination and control, pyramid structure, and domestic institutional investors.

Prof. Lien presented general methods and future direction of research. He ran through the steps needed to take advantage of useful resource to highlight your research and shared his expertise beyond peer- review publications. Special thanks to Prof. Lien for providing insight and leading great discussion with student delegates.


This workshop was hosted by the Office of Research Services at University of Minjiang in collaboration with the Newhuadu Business School, and the Efficiency and Productivity Research Center. It was a unique opportunity for students and faculty to network with key contacts in the corporate governance study, generating potential research opportunities for the future. The Efficiency and Productivity Research Center will continue to host events that continues the conversation on related subjects. Special thanks to New Huadu Business School and Efficiency and Productivity Research Center for sponsoring in the event.