Dean Lin Lin and his colleagues visited Huiyin Capital Group

On March 30, Lin Lin, Dean of Newhuadu Business School, and his colleagues visited Huiyin Capital Group and had in-depth discussion with Chen Tansheng, head of Digital Fund Building of Software Park, Huang keke, senior lawyer of Guofu law firm, Tang Hui, general manager of BEIZIJINFU, and Qi wei, senior enterprise expert of Dacheng law firm.


Chen Tansheng, head of Digital Fund Building, introduced his company and its talent demand plan. Dean Lin Lin made a detailed introduction on the basic information and subject setting of Newhuadu Business School and exchanged ideas with the participants on the cultivation mode of financial talents. He also focused on the negotiation of how to strengthen the training of financial investment talents, especially those engaged in digital industry or financial investment, through close cooperation between schools and enterprises, so as to serve local economic development. He said that the cultivation of students needs the joint efforts of the school and the society. It is hoped that by establishing a school-enterprise cooperation platform, students can get more comprehensive training before stepping into the society.

Yan, Aibin/ Picture
Xiao Xiaodong/ Text / Editor