Newhuadu Business School held a Construction Promotion Conference on the Blackboard Online Teaching Management Platform

On March 27th, Newhuadu Business School invited Ms. Zeng Lin, industry director of the business school of Beijing Bibo Information Technology Co., Ltd., to discuss issues related to the AACSB certification and how the Blackboard OnlineTeaching Management Platform serves the certification and teaching administration. The symposium was hosted by Wang Xianbin, Deputy Dean of Newhuadu Business School, and several experts from the Modern Education Center of Minjiang University were invited to jointly study and discuss the use of the Blackboard Online Teaching Management Platform.


Deputy Dean Wang Xianbin introduced the background, talent cultivation scheme, discipline construction and future development plan of Newhuadu Business School. He pointed out that leaders of Newhuadu Business School attach great importance to teaching management and have the determination to be accredited by AACSB.


After that, Ms. Zeng Lin introduced the application of the Blackboard Online Teaching Management Platform in undergraduate education at home and abroad, and emphasized that the Blackboard Online Teaching Management Platform can control the teaching quality in a visual way and realize the comprehensive innovation of teaching achievements, evaluation and methods.The symposium focused on the specific issues of AACSB and Blackboard, which enabled the participants to have a deeper understanding of the Blackboard Online Teaching Management Platform, and clarified the priorities and goals of the school in the next stage.


Since its foundation, Newhuadu business school has been aiming to build a world-class business school and continuously attaching importance to talent cultivation.In the process of self-evaluation, self-improvement and sustainable development, the school has improvedits teaching standards and education qualityconstantly. The Blackboard Online Teaching Management Platform designed to improve the system optimization of teaching management levelwill provide a new data environment for the school’s "Teaching and Learning", andits introduction will lay a solid foundation for the accreditation of AACSB.

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1) AACSB, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, represents the highest achievement of Business Schools around the world. The AACSB accreditation is an important symbol of excellent management education.Achieving certification through rigorous and comprehensive assessment confirms the quality of a school and its development prospects.
2) The Blackboard Online Teaching Platform provides teachers and students with a powerful online virtual environment for teaching and learning. It serves as a bridge for teachers and students to communicate and can support the teaching of millions of users.More than 90% of the schools in China accredited by AACSB use the Blackboard Online Teaching Platform.

Yang, Shengkai Xiao, Xiaodong/ Text
Xiao Xiaodong/ Picture/ Editor