On the afternoon of March 16, 2019, Professor Lin Lin, Dean of New Huadu Business School, was invited by Haixi Entrepreneurial University (Haichuanghui) to teach more than 50 students of the “Startup Studienseminar”.


With the theme of “Venture Investment and Financing Planning and Design”, Prof. Lin Lin gave a professional and vivid explanation and guidance on how to conduct investment and financing planning and design in different periods. In the interactive session, Professor Lin Lin answered some students’ questions about the investment and financing process and gave his own suggestions based on his rich experience in the industry. He was highly praised by the students and the students said that they had a very productive session. During the period, the rewarding ceremony of Haixi Entrepreneurial University investment and financing normal service institution and the expert appointment ceremony were held. Professor Lin Lin was employed by Haixi Entrepreneurial University as a Master-apprentice think tank expert.


After the class, Professor Lin Lin introduced the objectives, talent training mechanism, undergraduate program and MBA program of New Huadu Business School to all the students and the media. The alumni representative Tang Hui shared a series of alumni activities.

[News Link] It is reported that Haixi Entrepreneurial University (Haichuanghui) is the Talent Program Incubation Base, the “Thousand Talents Program” Virtual Industrial Park, the Normal Service Institution of talent program communication and the Executive Body of the “Master-apprentice” Entrepreneurial Public Service Platform of Fujian Provincial Party Committee Talent Work Leading Group. In the process of carrying out entrepreneurship assistance practice, the series of research results of "Three Plus One" entrepreneurship education (incubation) mode first proposed in China by Haixi Entrepreneurial university have won the first prize of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Achievements of the Ministry of Education, and have been repeatedly approved by the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial government leaders.

Liu Weisong / Picture / Text
Xiao Xiaodong / Editor