Prof. Fu Changbo, Assistant Dean of the China Global Philanthropy Institute and his Colleagues Visited NBS

On the morning of March 15, Fu Changbo, Assistant Dean of the China Global Philanthropy Institute and Professor of Beijing Normal University, and Ms. Cen Xiaohua, co-founder of Mingshi Building visited New Huadu Business School. Vice President of Minjiang University Wu Jianming accompanied them. Lin Lin, Dean of Business School, and Wang Xianbin, the Vice Dean, warmly received the visiting guests and held a discussion.


Under the guidance of Vice President Wang, Professor Fu Changbo and his colleagues visited the educational achievement exhibition of Minjiang University, the Financial Innovation Experimental Center of the Business School, the Chinese Mercantile Expo, and other teaching and researching practical spots.


In the following discussion, Dean Lin Lin expressed his welcome to the guests on behalf of the business school. He introduced the history, talent cultivation mechanism, discipline construction and future development plan of New Huadu business school; He also highlighted the efforts and achievements of New Huadu Business School, as an affiliated public business school donated by Fujian Fashu Charitable Foundation to Minjiang University, in serving local economy and enterprise development in accordance with the charitable spirit of the donor Mr. Chen Fashu.

Professor Fu Changbo expressed his sincere admiration for Mr. Chen fashi's donation to running the school and his gratitude for the warm reception of New Huadu Business School. He introduced the new teaching model “Academic Guidance + Practice Leading + Visiting Training” of the China Global Philanthropy Institute.

The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the development of public welfare and talent cultivation, and reached cooperation intention on charity inheritance, education program, forum organization, and think tank construction, so as to jointly promote social innovation and wealth.


[News Link] China Global Philanthropy Institute is China’s first international public welfare college established by five Chinese and US philanthropists. It is co-chaired by Bill Gates (Joint Chief of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Rui Daliou (Joint Chief Investment Officer of American Bridge Water Company and Director of Beijing Dali Public Welfare Foundation), and Niu Gensheng (founder and honorary president of Lao Niu Foundation), He Qiaonv (president of Beijing Qiaonv Charity Foundation), Ye Qingjun (honorary chairman of Zhejiang Dunhe Charity Foundation). It aims to build an educational system to cultivate exemplary philanthropists and high-level charitable management talents, and a knowledge system that supports the highly development of charitable philanthropy in China and the world, and create a professional think tank that leads the global philanthropy development and promotes the forming of new philanthropic knowledge system. It is committed to contribute to the development of philanthropy in China and around the world by elevating the innovation, profession and public participation of philanthropy.

Liu Weisong / Picture / Text
Xiao Xiaodong / Editor