Dean Lin Lin and his colleagues visited the QUANTVENUS Fujian Operational Center

On March 15th, Lin Lin, Dean of Newhuadu Business School, visited the QUANTVENUS Fujian Operational Center, and talked with Chen Xi, the general manager of the company, and Chen Congteng, the manager of the educational department. Based on the advantage of our School and the influence of the company in quantitative investment industry, the two parties conducted in-depth communication and negotiation on the direction of cooperation between the School and enterprise, the integration of production and education, and some other joint events.


After visiting the QUANTVENUS Operational Center, Dean Lin Lin and his team walked to the exhibition hall to learn the development of the QUANTVENUS, the virtual simulation project of financial transactions, etc., and listened to the general manager Chen Xi’s introduction and detailed understanding of the various systems within the Group.


QUANTVENUS Group is a comprehensive, one-stop integrated service platform for Sunshine Private Equity Fund. The Group's Zhejiang Xingjiahe Information Management Co., Ltd. carries the mission of transporting talents for the group and fund industry. From the perspective of the convergence and application of financial teaching resources, it will establish a channel of integration of production and education by bringing together university and enterprise teaching resources, thereby providing talent development with solutions in discipline construction, curriculum system construction, teacher sharing, and teaching software and hardware upgrades.


During the meeting, the two sides clarified that the aims of this corporation is to open the students' economic vision, improve the practical operation ability, and benefit both parties via the follow-up of the quantitative education curriculum, the extracurricular directional classes and event hosting, laboratory construction, and financial talent output, and other forms of integration of production and education. It further deepens the path of school-enterprise cooperation, formed a mechanism for exchanges and dialogues between the college and the employers, and laid a more solid foundation for the next step of cooperation.