Newhuadu Business School of Minjiang UniversityHeld Opening Ceremony for New Students of 2018

In this golden autumnloaded with harvest and full of hope, Newhuadu Business School (NBS) of Minjiang University saw the arrival of a group of fresh studetnsfull of vigor. In the morning of September 7, the opening ceremony for new students of 2018 at Newhuadu Business School of Minjiang University was held grandly in the Academic Auditorium of the Administrative Building of Minjiang University.

The picture of the Opening Ceremony for new students of 2018

More than 200 peopleattended the ceremony, including Professor Wang Zonghua (president ofMinjiang University), Ms Ye Changqing (director of FaShu Foundation and director of the Office of New Huadu Group), Tang Ling (secretary of the CPC Party Committee of New Huadu Business School), Professor Lin Lin (president of New Huadu Business School), Chen Jianfeng (deputy secretary of the CPC Party Committee of New Huadu Business School),honored guests of FaShu Foundation, teaching and administrative staff of Newhuadu Business School, new students and their relatives and friends as well as representatives of graduated students. Professor Wang Xianbin(vice-president of Newhuadu Business School)presided over the ceremony and extended congratulation and welcome for the arrival of new students.

The opening ceremony was started in the magnificent tune of the national anthem

Ding Xiangyue, an undergraduatestudent of 2016 majoring inFinance, shared her university life and enlightenment in her presentation as the representative of graduated students in the hope that this could be inspiring for new students. She thought she had lived a solid and meaningful life over the last two years at NBS and she made practical progress and became more mature and understanding. She not only witnessedthe efforts made by and harvest gained by the school on her journey towards a highly practical-orienteduniversity, but also felt the positive and enterprising vigor and spirit of the School and the University. At the same time, she hoped all the new students could cherish the valuable university life of four years and find their own university spirit to set even higher goals and take a bright path.

Ding Xiangyue, a 2016 student inFinance, was delivering a speech.

XieXiaofang, the representative of new MBA students of2018, said in hisspeech that time was flying and she was fighting for her goal on the same daylast year.Howevertoday, she came to the placewhere she had been dreaming about. The journey for realizing the goal was long and full of hardships.The admission notice for MBA of NBS was her own aspiration and expectation over a long period; and it was also the fruit of her tireless efforts and a result expected by her family. She wished all the new students would be committed to their original aspiration and strive to realize their own dreams with perseverancetoreciprocatethe Alma Mater and the society.

XieXiaofang, the representative of new MBA students of 2018, was making a presentation.

Professor Pan Changfengexpressed hissincere congratulations and warm welcometo all the new students as therepresentative of all academic staff. He pointed out four suggestions/expectations for them as mutual encouragement: First, regard innovation as the lifeline and make innovation in study and way of thinking; second, wish the students to stay true to their original aspiration, and work hard and press ahead in calm; third, wish the students to be loving, broad-minded and inclusive; fourth,students must be self-confident and brave to meet setbacks. Meanwhile,Professor Pan Changfeng said the teachers will inherit the spirit of education and perform their sacred duty of preaching truths, imparting knowledge and solving puzzles with all their enthusiasm; and wished the students to be active, optimistic and highly-motivated to fulfill all the dreams seemingly impossible!

Professor Pan Changfeng was delivering an address as the representative of academic staff

After that, Professor Wang Xianbin paid high tribute to Mr. Chen Fashu, chairman of FaShu Foundation, for his long-term devotion to the public welfare and charity. The ceremonyhas selected outstanding fresh students, and Ms Ye Changqing, director of FaShu Foundation and director of the Office of New Huadu Group, granted scholarships to the students.She alsoencouraged them to becomeuseful talents and make further progress after entering the school. In the operation of the school, Newhuadu School set up a special scholarship to help outstanding students with financial difficulties based on the charitable spirit of Mr. Chen Fashu. Besides the scholarship, the School also offers funds for students to study abroad or further education and it has subsidizedover one hundred graduates in theirfurther study in prestigious domestic and international universities as Columbia University,University of Southern California(US), University of Zurich(Swiss) and Renmin University in China.

Ms Ye Changqing was granting scholarships to the excellent students

The ceremony also engaged the head teacher, class tutors served by Party members and dormitory tutors served by Party members. Tang Ling, secretary of the CPC Party Committee of NBS and Chen Jianfeng, deputy secretary of the CPC Party Committee of NBS, granted the letter of appointment to the appointed teachers and students. The CPC Party Committee of New Huadu Business School also set up a system of “three tutors” for new students (head teaccher, class tutor and dormitory tutor) besides the traditionalcounselor at university in its efforts to innovate the personnel training mode. It can guide the thoughts and behavior of new students, shape their values, inspire their study; in this way, they will get the formative education of joining the Party in an all-round way at an early stage. All this is to help the students to become useful talentsas soon as possible.

The ceremony for engaging head teachers for the new students
The ceremony for engaging Party member class tutors for the new students
The ceremony for engaging Party member dormitory tutors for the new students

Amid the warm applause, Professor Lin Lin, deanatNBS, sent his message to and expressed his expectation for the new students. At first, President Lin Linrecalled his unforgettable educationalexperiences. He then encouraged the students to know themselves correctly, set a goal, and study diligently to becomethe people who take care of the social responsibilities and missions.At the same time,President Lin Lin said today’s meeting was funded by the charitable love from Mr. Chen Fashu, founder of New Huadu Foundation, and that all of us should bearin mind this universal love and social responsibility firmly. He said that the knowledge is the greatest power in building our world, benevolence constitutes the greatest power in purifying our world and all the strength that really makes differences in our world is originated from dreams. “No matterwhat your dream is”, he said, “I wish all of you can find a way to realize your dreamat NBS. You shall make joint efforts,dare to meet challenges,supporteach other, and become thepride of NBS and China.

Lin Lin, Dean of NBS, was delivering a speech.

At the end of the ceremony, Wang Zonghua, president ofMinjiang University, delivered an ardent speech.He said with an affectionate tone that “Students, today marks a new starting point in your life. I wish that you will spend the most wonderful, most beautiful time in your life with utmost happiness at here.” Mr. Wang put forward three expectations for the students: First, be filled with passion, unleash your youthful passion andvigor and work harder with ambitious goals to live a fabulous life; second, make great efforts to change your own life and your own fate; third, establish a grand goal and be ambitious, seize every opportunity to learn knowledge and skills to enable you to move forward in the correct direction!Finally, he wished all the new students to make progress in their study in the future.

Professor Wang Zonghua, president ofMinjiang University, was delivering a speech.
The commemorative group photo of class 2018 new students of New Huadu Business School at the opening ceremony

Written by: Li Jinling and Liu Weisong

Edited by: Yang Zhongqiang