To be a Leader in the Future ----MBA Open Class of Professor Chen Chunhua Successfully Concludes

How to be an extraordinary leader with irreplaceable significance in a time that everything can be re-defined? Newhuadu Business School MBA open class started at 18:30 on July 10th. Professor Wang Kuancheng from NSD (National School of Development at Peking University) and Professor Chen Chunhua, dean of NSD BiMBA, chairwoman of Newhuadu Business School delivered keynote speeches on the topic of “To be a Leader in the Future”. The open class was livestreamed online, attracting over 8,000 online viewers. Up to this article’s release, there were over 10,000 hits.

Open class in session
MJU President Wang Zonghua delivering speech
Professor Chen Chunhua teaching students

We are madly aging
“ The gap between the present and the future is narrowing. Time flies no matter how old we are.” In a time that everything can be re-defined, the gap is narrowing. Professor Chen reminded us of three things:
First, the function of experience is diminishing. Everything you have accumulated may not be as influential as you imagine.
Second, the rule of market is illusive, which means every change in market and industry may be re-defined.
Third, generations are shortening and values are diversifying.
How to better face the challenges posed by the shrinking time gap? Professor Chen reiterated that managers needed to be extraordinary leaders while facing challenges, which made new demands in their learning capacities.

Extraordinary leaders are significantly irreplaceable
In the current trend of extensive changes, an extraordinary leader is a necessity for organizations to face impending grave challenges. Extraordinary leaders are significantly irreplaceable: first, they keep the organization effectively running; second, they point out the right direction and inspire subordinates; Third, they cope with crises brought by uncertainties.

How to be an extraordinary leader in the future?
The first requirement for leaders is to shoulder responsibilities for development in oneself as well as others. Extraordinary leaders are always committed to growth and progress. Professor Chen pointed out that a true great leader must achieve two things: develop himself and develop others. Market, technology, and capital are always shifting and flowing, but the true core of continuous growth of enterprises are organizing capacity and cultural characteristics. Taking Huawei and Haier as examples, Professor Chen further explained the cultural characteristics under “hero leadership”. The second requirement is to be able to point a path to the future.
An extraordinary leader requires strong willpower, ability to assure, to train speculative reasoning, to grow imagination, to understand that business is life, to view the world from multiple perspectives. Where does imagination comes from? Professor Chen said mostly from observation, communication and action.

Leadership is a process of self-achievement
“ If one believes in his inner power, his goal and values he creates, one can overcome every single obstacle.” The golden rule for one is to be one’s own leader first.“ Leadership cannot be born with, it is rather a process of self-achievement. Whether one can be a leader is dependent on one’s willingness to learn.” First, train yourself so you can be a leader. Second, it is a process of continuous learning. Third, it requires great learning abilities.

Where are you when future arrives?
When future arrives, where are you? What is your relationship with the world? It’s not time to discuss right and wrong, but time to discuss changes. Your job or role cares more about your contribution than anything else.“ The true challenge is not what we learnt or what we did, but what we will learn and do for the future!” Today, we need to coordinate ourselves to gain more willingness and momentum to learn.
“ I’ve recently noticed that a number of enterprises paid much attention on their futures. We have adjusted retail business mode in order to understand the significance of future.” In an era of science and technology, those who lag behind will be weeded out.“ I don't know when I’ll be weeded out, but I am trying to face the future before that.”
The process of understanding how intelligence is formed and arming yourself with knowledge for future leaders is indeed the process of knowledge formation, which is internalization of knowledge. The path of intelligence can help you train yourself to be a leader in the future.“ I hope you can gain knowledge in this very place and arm yourself with what you learn here. Only then can you have the ability to face the future. The most crucial thing is to gain wisdom.”

Fans giving flowers to Professor Chen
Students posing questions
Organizer giving out Prof. Chen’s signed books to students
Luojia, deputy director in MBA Center, Newhuadu Business School

After class, MBA center deputy director Ren Luojia introduced enrollment policies in 2019 and answered questions on site in an enthusiastic atmosphere.

After the event, Professor Chen Chunhua was interviewed by China MBA website’s program: the Voice of Business School —Tribute to 40 years of Reform and Opening Up.
Group photo
In revealing management rules, we need to position ourselves truthfully to let real progresses take its course. In ardent applause, Newhuadu MBA open class successfully concluded.